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/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_1.jpg(Did you know:Across our shops, online and mobile, we take more than 500 million bets in the UK each year, about half of which are placed in our network of more than 2,400 shops.)@@/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_2.jpg(Did you know:We cover, on average, 19 betting events an hour on the TVs in our shops and we can display unique bets at a localised level – even for an individual shop.)@@/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_3.jpg(Did you know:We take bets on 567 different football leagues and competitions worldwide each year.)@@/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_4.jpg(Did you know:William Hill Racing Radio has typically 35,000 unique listeners a month in 180 different countries.)@@/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_5.jpg(Did you know:The self-service betting terminals in our shops offer 100,000 betting opportunities.)@@/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_6.jpg(Did you know:William Hill Online offers betting on over 30 different sports and events in more than 20 different languages.)@@/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_7.jpg(Did you know:We now operate from nine different countries – the UK, Gibraltar, Israel, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, the Philippines, Australia and the US.)@@/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_8.jpg(Did you know:Following the acquisition of three US businesses, William Hill is now the largest bookmaker in the US by number of outlets, operating more than 100 sports betting locations in the State of Nevada.)@@/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_9.jpg(Did you know:We offer 1.3 million sports betting opportunities and publish over five million odds changes a day.)@@/~/media/Images/W/William-Hill/banners/wh_home_banner_10.jpg(Did you know:Our sports betting app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times since it was launched in February 2012.)@@




28 February 2014
2013 Final Results

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