Gambling is about taking a risk. And we want that to be fun. So we encourage all customers to think about what’s right for them as an individual in terms of how much time or money they spend on gambling.

Set your own limits

There are also a number of tools you might want consider to help you stay safe. We know that when a customer sets time and spend limits for themselves before gambling, it helps them stay in control. Today, around 30% of our Online customers set themselves as deposit limit and we’re encouraging more and more customers to use this as a helpful way to restrict how much they spend each month.


We also encourage customers to take breaks from gambling. You can do this through the Time Out option, which lets you freeze your account for between one day and six weeks. You’ll find more on Time Outs here or go the Contact Us/Help section in your app to find the Responsible Gambling section.

Account restrictions

If you have a William Hill Online account, you can block our gaming products (Casino, Poker, Vegas, Games, Bingo, Live Casino and Skill games) so that you’re not able to play on these games. If this is the right option for you, talk to our Customer Services team – you can reach us on tel: 0800 085 6296.


For some people, the only way we can help is by ensuring we don’t let you play with us. This is where our self-exclusion systems come in and it’s a good options to help you take back control.

If you choose to self-exclude, we will refuse to serve you and do everything we can to prevent you from gambling with us. You can choose for that to be for a period between six months and five years online. In the shops, we ask you to self-exclude for 12 months at a time – and to keep your image up-to-date so we can recognise you.

We want to make this process as simple for you as possible. So if you self-exclude online with GAMSTOP, you’ll be excluded from other online gambling companies in the UK as well. And if you’re a shop customer, MOSES can help you if you want to exclude from seven or more betting shops in one go.

Here’s where to go:

Online self-exclusion:


Or call our Customer Services team on 0800 085 6296.

Betting shop self-exclusion:

Call MOSES on 0800 294 2060 or visit

Or, to self-exclude specifically from a William Hill shop, call our self-exclusion helpline on 0800 169 3352 or talk to a staff member in the shop and they will help you complete an electronic form.

We’ve got your back

We’re also using our technology to look out for riskier play. Our algorithms help us to spot when a customer may be losing control and getting into difficulty with their gambling. Our dedicated and expert teams will then reach out to a customer to see if they’re OK, to consider if control tools may help or, if needed, to help a customer get in touch with specialist support.

Want to talk to someone?

If you want to talk about using our control tools or you’re worried about how much time or money you’re spending on gambling, talk to us. Our dedicated customer service teams are here, with and you can reach them via this link.