We announced the Safer Gambling Commitments, which will deliver a step-change in safer gambling over the coming months and years.

We believe it is important that companies deliver a consistent approach and help raise standards right across the industry.  Our first priorities include a VIP Code of Conduct, using ad-tech in de-targeting under 18s or vulnerable people, and exploring ways to share data on at-risk customers.

We have continued to develop our safer gambling measures, adding specialist leadership roles in each division. In Retail, a new Anonymous Player Awareness System was launched, and we initiated trials of enhanced customer controls.

Lived experience experts help improve our interaction training. In UK Online, our new algorithm now uses extensive behavioural markers to identify at-risk customers.

As a consequence player safety interactions increased year-on-year. We observe our customers are 50% more likely to use one of our safer gambling tools, such as setting deposit limits, after an interaction.

Mr Green released the Green Gaming Predictive Tool 2.0 at the beginning of the year. The safer gambling algorithm now includes sportsbook data in addition to the previous gaming data, as well as additional behavioural markers supporting the identification of at-risk players.

The 2.0 launch includes four behavioural motivational interventions that have been built based on cognitive behavioural therapy, giving customers the ability to assess their own risk directly via the website.

Mr Green also took the first steps towards personalising the customer’s lobby based on the customer’s risk score. Customers at risk are presented with Safer Gaming Campaigns and information directly in the lobby, following login.