William Hill International:
Customer protection and safer gambling

William Hill International responded quickly to changes in international territories in light of the global pandemic. In particular, we introduced enhanced customer protection measures in many countries in which we operate.

For example, in Sweden, temporary Covid-19 customer protection measures were introduced on 2 July 2020 and were extended until the end of June 2021.

Meanwhile in Spain, the new Royal Decree introduced marketing, sponsorship and promotional changes to further protect customers.

From a marketing perspective, an aligned Code of Conduct was established in 2020 by the members of the European Gambling and Betting Association (EGBA) to enhance consumer and minor protection through the promotion of responsible advertising measures for online gambling. William Hill was one of five leading operators to support this initiative.

The Code reflects the industry’s responsibility for ensuring that gambling is a safe and responsible entertainment pastime. We adhere to the Code in all EU and EEA countries and the UK. The Code covers all gambling marketing activities on all media platforms including television, radio, social networks and other online platforms.

Alongside collaborating to introduce this Code of Conduct and implementing regulatory changes, William Hill International continued to develop a programme of work to improve safer gambling measures and raise standards, including how we identify and interact with our customers.   William Hill International is committed to being a leader in compliance.  We aim to be as consistent as possible in compliance, with a strong safety net for all consumers, in every market we operate in, whilst recognising that every market is different from a regulatory perspective.

Interns on swings


William Hill US:
Responsible Gaming programme

In the US, our approach to safer gambling focuses on the social impact of gambling by upholding the following three conventions:

  • prevent problem gambling;
  • prevent underage gambling; and
  • ensure gambling is conducted in a fair and open way.

US collagues helpinf during the Covid-19 pandemic

Caption:  William Hill US colleagues stationed at a donation drop, for a National Day of Service event, gathering donations to be distributed to Three Square and Salvation Army locations across Las Vegas.


Area of focus

Key actions in 2020


Mandatory ‘Interactive Accelerate’ safer gambling training for all employees.
William Hill created and executed new training for its customer service employees, developed in partnership with problem gambling and suicide prevention professionals in Nevada and New Jersey.

Customer communications

Customer communications were revised to raise awareness of safer gambling, our approach, and the tools and support available.

Support for people at risk
or experiencing gambling-related harm

Developed our own self-exclusion programme.
Developed a safer gambling fund, named the William Hill Fund for Responsible Gaming. The Fund will support US-based non-profit organisations only, which can submit impact-driven proposals that focus on one or more of the following:
Education and awareness programmes specific to the impact of gambling-related harm on individuals and families living in the communities where William Hill operates.

Enhancing research on the effects of sports betting among US consumers.

Providing education and awareness programmes aiming to prevent underage gambling in the US.