Employee engagement participation (%)


Employee engagement participation reflects the proportion of our colleagues who participate in our annual employee survey ‘Your Say’, which measures our colleague’s satisfaction in working with William Hill and highlights areas for improvement. In 2019 our overall engagement score improved by 3 percentage points and our KPIs of engagement, enablement, and empowerment all improved by between 3 and 5 percentage points. We saw improvements in 31 of the 36 areas we track. We are proud that we have seen a second substantial year-on-year increase in the number of colleagues who believe we are a responsible company.

Retail Net Promoter Score (NPS)(%)


Retail NPS addresses the overall satisfaction of our Retail customers with their experience of our shops, reflecting the quality of our customer service, product range and in-shop experience. The NPS is based on the likelihood of customers recommending our shops. We achieved an NPS of 58%, which decreased during the course of 2019 following the announcement to close 713 shops. This created some uncertainty across our customer base although it did not appear to have an adverse impact on performance. This is a key focus for 2020 now we have reshaped the estate.

Contribution to safer betting and gaming (%)

0.1% of UK gross gambling yield

Our contribution to safer betting and gaming reflects our intention to increasingly self-regulate and comply with licensing requirements. The introduction of our Nobody Harmed initiative and our participation in the Safer Gambling Commitments demonstrate our intention to encourage safer gambling. In July 2019, we voluntarily committed to increase our funding for research, education and treatment from 0.1% of UK gross gambling yield to 1% over four years.