With 16,000 of our colleagues living and working in nearly 2,500 communities across four continents, we recognise that we have a real opportunity at William Hill to make a significant impact in the areas in which we operate.

That’s why in 2015, we launched Close to HOME, our community commitment. Close to HOME focuses on using our skills and resources to make a positive difference in our local communities.

These activities are carefully selected and with a clear and local focus on 3 areas:

These principles underpin all our work in local communities, from the efforts of our colleagues to volunteer for causes they have chosen to support, to our corporate partnerships that operate on a local and national level.

Close to HOME volunteering

Since Close to HOME was launched in 2015, we have now worked with over 100 different local and national organisations to offer support in a range of areas.

This approach has led to date a total of over 16,000 hours volunteered by our colleagues in the last 3 years to support initiatives that matter to them; from regular volunteering at homeless shelters and hospices to refurbishment work with local sports clubs.

The organisation has also now run three company-wide International community events to increase participation in our volunteering programme, with our International Community Weeks in the last 2 years each involving over 300 colleagues across all our locations around the globe.

Since Close to HOME was launched:


Manila 2.png

16,000 hours

have been volunteered by our colleagues 


Over £300,000

donated in fundraising and sponsorship

WH Chelsea 1.jpg

+ 100 people
employed through our employment programmes aiming at helping long-term unemployed individuals get back into work