William Hill continues to make a significant contribution to the societies in which we operate both financially and in how we manage our wider footprint

Environmental impact

Our environmental impact is not substantial as our product is essentially virtual. So our carbon footprint largely relates to the amount of electricity we consume in our shops and offices. The Corporate Responsibility Committee of the Board receives updates on environmental initiatives and policy, and the Group’s Environmental Policy is currently under review.

We are focused on continuous improvement and succeeded in further reducing our carbon footprint (as measured by CO2 emissions) in 2018 by 23%, principally as a result of changing to LED lighting in our shops.

We report an emissions figure based on tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e). This includes Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, including natural gas consumption, electricity consumption, refrigerant emissions and fuel from company cars. In 2018, we saw a 23% decrease to 31,853 tCO2e (2017: 41,275 tCO2e). Within this, Scope 1 emissions were 2,225 tCO2e (2017: 2,696 tCO2e) and Scope 2 emissions were 29,355 tCO2e (2017: 38,579 tCO2e).

Since 2013, we have used an intensity measure – tonnes of CO2 equivalent per £1m of net revenue – to track our performance. In 2018, we saw a year-on-year decrease of 18% to 19.68 (2017: 24.12) as we saw a material reduction in our emissions.

These data points were calculated using DEFRA guidelines and conversion rates.

Supporting sport

There is – and always has been – an intrinsic relationship between sport and betting, and we support a wide range of sports through sponsorship agreements, levies for horseracing and greyhound racing, and payments to broadcast pictures from sporting events in our betting shops and online.

In the UK, since the 1960s we have supported the horseracing industry with a payment levied on our revenues from UK horse races. Today, we pay 10.75% of the revenues from our shops and online. In addition, we pay substantial sums for the rights to broadcast TV pictures of the races in our shops and online.

We also pay a voluntary donation to the British Greyhound Racing Fund to help sustain that industry.

We sponsor a wide range of sports and events, from boxing, cricket, darts, football and horseracing in the UK to football leagues in Spain and ice hockey in the US. Read more about our sponsorships here.