5. How do we better identify people at risk of out-of-control play?

The challenge

We already know a lot about what risky behaviour looks like, thanks to better access to more data and an increasing body of research. We can observe how customers are playing – whether on gaming machines or online – to see if they’re chasing losses or exhibiting other behaviours that we know can indicate out of control play. But we know we aren’t capturing all customers at risk. This table discussed how we can better identify customers at risk before problems start.

The discussion

The conversation at the table really focused on timing and early detection as the most important considerations in identifying risky behaviour in customers. Often customers don’t recognise issues until they become major problems and there’s an opportunity for operators to identify these issues before they become too big to manage.

But to get it right, it’s important to be timely in both observation and intervention. Operators can plant ideas for safer play and steer customer behaviour much earlier – before the need for a more serious intervention or treatment arises. And identifying problems needs to go beyond operators and into the wider community where their customers live and work, through trusted organisations such as banks or lending companies to identify when customers might be gambling beyond their means.

Everyone recognised that the greatest impact will come from the creation of a single identifier for a customer across all channels - both within an operator and across all operators where a customer may be gambling.

By working together and identifying behaviours earlier, we can prevent problems. Because by the time a customer is experiencing a problem, it’s often already too late.

Top solutions

  • Develop a deeper assessment of a customer’s situation before they start gambling – through partner organisations such as banks or credit agencies
  • Create a single identifier so you can see the true situation of a customer’s spend across all operators
  • Enforce registered, ‘account-based’, play across all forms of gambling, in shops and online