3: How can safer gambling be incorporated into the design of products and services?

The challenge

Research has found that certain characteristics in gambling products and services can make it harder for gamblers to stay in control of their gambling. Factors like speed of play, repetition and urgency all impact how risky products are. So how we design products can be an effective lever in helping customers stay in control. This table looked into ways to influence customers’ behaviours by incorporating responsible gambling into the design of products and services.

The discussion

The discussion at the table focused on how products and services could nudge all customers towards better behaviours, like awareness of spend, not chasing losses or spending more than they intend in a session, slow and safe play with plenty of breaks.

One idea was to create friction points that keep customers on the path of positive play. A great example of a friction point is getting people to use seat belts. Manufacturers started including a beeping noise when a seat belt isn’t in use – and because of this simple nudge, it’s rare to see a driver without a seat belt buckled.

The other big discussion point at the table was how to think about how products and services could both ‘pull’ and ‘push’ customers towards safer habits when playing. All customers can be ‘pulled’ towards safer play, for example by building a personalised area of the website that customers can visit to see their data and get tips and suggestions. And customers who show risky behaviour can have more interventions and messages actively ‘pushed’ towards them, for example through personalised pop-ups and proactive sharing of real-life stories and testimonials that have similarities to their own play.

Top solutions

  • Show customers comparisons of time and money spent gambling with real-world, tangible things, such as running a marathon or buying a meal for two
  • Use real-world stories from gamblers who have experienced harm to communicate with people while they’re gambling, helping ‘push’ people towards safer behaviours when they start to show signs of risk
  • Integrate a continuous flow of tips and suggestions into gameplay to help all customers build awareness of safer gambling behaviours.