Royalty By Rupert Adams

William Hill Suspend Betting On Fourth Royal Baby – Diana & Alexander Favourites

William Hill have suspended their betting on the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge having a fourth baby after a gamble in the last 24hrs.

“It has been very busy in the last few days and the betting suggest that a fourth baby is on the way,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Hills have now opened their betting on the name of the next addition to the family and Diana is the 8/1 favourite girls name, with Alexander 10/1 favourite for the boy’s name. The family were seen at the Aston Villa game and Hills are offering 12/1 that they go for Jack after the Villa Captain Jack Grealish. “Once again Diana is the favourite for a girl but the boys names look far more open,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


Name Of Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Fourth Child: 8/1 Diana, 10/1 Alexander, 12/1 Jack, 16/1 Oliver, 16/1 Spencer, 16/1 Theodore, 20/1 Alice, 20/1 Arthur, 20/1 Charles, 20/1 Elizabeth, 20/1 Grace, 20/1 Henry, 20/1 James, 20/1 Olivia, 20/1 Phillip, 20/1 Rose, 25/1 Sam, 25/1 Sebastian, 25/1 Victoria, 33/1 Alfred, 33/1 Benjamin, 33/1 Harper, 33/1 Isobella, 33/1 Jacob, 33/1 Leo, 33/1 Lucas, 40/1 Matilda, 50/1 Amelia, 50/1 Christopher, 50/1 Edward, 50/1 Emily, 50/1 Emma, 50/1 Eva, 50/1 Francis, 50/1 Fred, 50/1 Isla, 50/1 John, 50/1 Joseph, 50/1 Mason, 50/1 Michael