Big Winners By Rupert Adams

William Hill Customer Wins £185,162 After Predicting Result Of 20 Matches

A William Hill customer has made history over the weekend after he correctly predicted the result of an astonishing twenty football matches. His achievement means that he is now richer by a monster £185,162.09, having placed a £50 bet. The customer is a regular and placed the bet in a William Hill shop in Warwickshire on Saturday morning. The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, has family in Sweden and is planning a trip to visit them with some of the winnings.


“He is a regular every Saturday morning and he places just the one bet every week,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “He has been trying to beat the bookies for a number of years and has finally done it.”


The bet is a £50 twenty fold returning £185,162.09 with the following selections (in bold):

The Bet In Full

Ac Milan V Empoli @2/7 (Won 3-0)

Newcastle V Huddersfield @8/11 (Won 2-0)

Leeds V Bolton @1/6 (Won 2-1)

Norwich V Bristol City @EVS (Won 3-2)

Bury V Oldham @8/11 (Won 3-1)

MK Dons V Newport @4/5 (Won 2-0)

Morecambe V Lincoln @4/5 (Won 2-0)

Iverness V Morton@4/5(Won 1-0)

Raith V Montrose @4/6 (Won 4-1)

Edinburgh V Cowdenbeath @2/5 (Won 2-0)

Sevilla V Barcelona @5/6 (Won 4-2)

Bayern Munich V Hertha Berlin @1/7 (Won 1-0)

PSG V Nimes @1/5 (Won 3-0)

Arsenal V Southampton @4/9 (Won 2-0)

Hamilton V Rangers @1/5 (Won 5-0)

Celtic V Motherwell @1/6 (Won 4-1)

Atl Madrid V Villareal @8/15 (Won 2-0)

Levante V Real Madrid @1/2 (Won 2-1)

Dortmund V Leverkusen @4/5 (Won 3-2)

Bologna V  Juventus @4/9 (Won 1-0)



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