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Punters To Scoop The D’oh If Simpsons World Cup Prediction Is On The Money

It would appear that the predictive powers of The Simpsons could be coming to the fore once again with bookies, William Hill, reporting a massive gamble on a Mexico/Portugal final in this World Cup.


Not suffice with predicting 200/1 shot Donald Trump would become President back in 2000, a result caused Hills to pay out £3.8m in 2016, the Simpsons archives have thrown up another which has punters clamouring to fill their boots.


A 1997 episode saw the show predict a Portugal/Mexico final and Hills are facing such a massive payout that the odds have been cut from a biggest price of 500/1 to 33/1. William Hill alone have liabilities of £670,000 if Portugal do face Mexico in the final. One William Hill customer from Lincolnshire stands to win a massive £100,000 after placing a £1000 wager at £100 on the final


The Simpsons has form when it comes to predicting the future and punters have seemingly latched onto this while making their bets ahead of the tournament,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “Should the two sides reach the final, we stand to lose £670,000. This isn’t just a frivolous pound here or there, people are wagering up to £1000 a time and it is our worst result in the predict the final market.”


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