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Odds Suggest Now Only An 18% Chance Of October No Deal Brexit

It has been a good few days for Boris Johnson and the chances of his team delivering a Brexit deal appear to have increased. Hills are now 1/8 (88%) that the UK leaves the EU in 2019 with an agreement in place, article 50 extended or article 50 revoked.


Despite the optimism at 1/4 the odds suggest that the October 31st deadline will be missed.


William Hill are now 9/2 (18%) that the UK leaves the EU with no deal on or before 31st October.


“The odds suggest that we are now far less likely to crash out of the EU without a deal this month,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


Politics Odds:

The UK To Leave EU With No Deal Brexit in 2019: 9/2

Will the UK leave the EU on or before October 31st 2019: 1/4 No, 11/4 Yes

The UK to leave the EU in 2019  with an Agreement in place/Article 50 Extended into 2020 or Article 50 revoked: 1/8