Politics By Rupert Adams

General Election: Money For Labour To Lose Seats

Jeremy Corbyn has launched the Labour manifesto and the latest odds suggest that Labour could well lose a number of seats with the spread sitting at 203/204. Meanwhile, Labour are 25/1 to win a majority at the next Election, although it is 7/4 that Jeremy Corbyn is the next Prime Minister.


“The manifesto has not resulted in a move for Labour to win the General Election today,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


Total Labour Seats: 5/6 203 or less, 5/6 204 or more                                                                                                                                 


UK General Election: 4/9 Conservative Majority, 7/4 No Overall Majority, 25/1 Labour Majority, 100/1 Lib Dem Majority


Next PM (After Boris Johnson): 7/4 Jeremy Corbyn, 14/1 Jo Swinson, 16/1 Keir Starmer, 16/1 Nigel Farage, 25/1 Harriet Harman, 25/1 John Bercow, 25/1 Margaret Beckett, 25/1 Michael Gove, 25/1 Sajid Javid 33/1 Ken Clarke, 33/1 Yvette Cooper.