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General Election – Latest Predictions From William Hill

This time next week we will know the outcome of the General Election and at 2/5 the latest odds suggest that the Conservative party will be in Government with a Majority. The spread is currently that the Conservative Party will have 341 MP’s compared to 218 Labour MP’s. At 1/5 the Brexit Party have been heavily backed to fail to win a single seat.


“The betting is starting to get very busy with the vast majority of three and four figure bets being placed on the Conservative party,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


Latest Seat Spread

Conservative Seats: 341.5 5/6 over or under

Labour Seats: 218.5 5/6 over or under

Lib Dem Seats: 18.5 5/6 over or under

SNP: 44.5 5/6 over or under

Plaid Cymru: 4.5 5/6 over or under

Brexit Party: 1/5 None, 10/3 One or more


Next Government: 2/5 Conservative Majority, 6/1 Labour Minority, 10/1 Conservative Minority, 12/1 Labour/SNP Coalition, 16/1 Labour Majority, 25/1 Conservative/Brexit Party coalition, 25/1 Labour/Lib Dem/SNP Coalition, 40/1 Conservative/Lib Dem Coalition, 40/1 Labour/Lib Dem Coalition



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