Television By Joe Crilly

Game Of Thrones: Who Will Live? Who Will Die? Who Will Win?

The final season of Game of Thrones is just over a month away from starting and after nearly a decade of death and deception, we should finally find out who will rule the Seven Kingdoms. Bookmaker, William Hill make Bran Stark the 10/11 favourite ahead of Jon Snow and Sansa Stark who are both 9/2.


There is also a market on who will survive and who will perish before the end of the show. Cersei Lannister is all but certain to meet her maker at 1/50, with her brothers Jamie (4/7) and Tyrion (4/6) also odds on to die. Daenerys Targaryon is 1/2 to die.


“The battle to gain power of the Seven Kingdoms has been as bloody and bitter as the Brexit negotiations but like the latter, we are finally going to have a resolution, one way or another,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “And Bran Stark looks likely to be the victor.”


Who will rule the Seven Kingdoms at the end of the final TV episode of Game of Thrones: 10/11 Bran Stark; 9/2 Jon Snow; 9/2 Sansa Stark; 6/1 Petyr Baelish; 7/1 Tyrion Lannister; 9/1 Daenerys Targaryon; 10/1 The Night King; 16/1 Arya Stark; 16/1 Cersei Lannister; 16/1 Gendry; 25/1 Samwell Tarly; 33/1 The Children of the Forest; 40/1 Jamie Lannister; 66/1 Euron Greyjoy; 80/1 Ser Davos Seaworth; 100/1 Brienne of Tarth; 100/1 Gilly; 100/1 Hodor 100/1 Jaqen H’ghar; 100/1 Melisandre; 100/1 Theon Greyjoy; 100/1 Varys; 100/1 Yara Greyjoy


Who will die:


Cersei Lannister: 1/50 die; 12/1 survive

Jamie Lannister: 4/7 die; 5/4 survive

Tyrion Lannister: 4/6 die; 11/10 survive

Daenarys Targaryon: 1/2 die; 6/4 survive

Jon Snow: 13/8 die; 4/9 survive

Arya Stark: 2/1 die; 1/3 survive

Jorah Mormont: 1/5 die; 10/3 survive

The Hound: 1/3 die; 11/5 survive

Tormund Giantsbane: 8/13 die; 6/5 survive

Bronn: 10/11 die; 10/11 survive

Brienne of Tarth: 11/8 die; 8/15 survive

Davos Seaworth: 3/1 die; 2/9 survive

Samwell Tarly: 7/2 die; 1/6 survive