Showbusiness By Rupert Adams

Game Of Thrones: Has Petyr Baelish Still Got His Finger In The Pie?

William Hill are accepting bets on who will rule the Seven Kingdoms at the end of the final episode of Game Of Thrones and as it stands Bran Stark is the 4/5 favourite. That said, the shock gamble has been on Petyr Baelish (LittleFinger) who despite being killed off in the last series has been backed in from 50/1 to 8/1 to finish as the eventual ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.


“Jon Snow was brought back from the dead in a previous series and clearly the rumour mill suggests that ‘LittleFinger’ will return for the final series,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


Who will rule the Seven Kingdoms at the end of the final TV Episode of Game Of Thrones?: 4/5 Bran Stark, 4/1 Sansa Stark, 5/1 Jon Snow, 7/1 Gendry, 8/1 Petyr Baelish, 9/1 Tyrion Lannister, 10/1 Daenerys Targaryen, 10/1 The Night King, 12/1 Arya Stark, 16/1 Cersei Lannister, 25/1 Samwell Tarly, 33/1 The Children of the Forest, 40/1 Jamie Lannister, 40/1 Varys, 66/1 Euron Greyjoy, 100/1 All others