Politics By Rupert Adams

Conservative Momentum Stalls After Miserable Monday

William Hill can report that the Conservative momentum of the last week has hit the skids after a bad day in the office for Boris Johnson. As a result the price of a Conservative Majority has drifted from 1/4 to 3/10 and No Overall Majority is offered at 11/4.


“Boris Johnson clearly had a miserable Monday and the vast majority of bets today have been for either No Overall Majority or a Labour Majority,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “That said a Conservative Majority remains the overwhelming favourite.”


Tuesday Percentage Number Of Bets Placed:

49% No Overall Majority

31% Labour Majority

14% Conservative Majority

6% Lib Dem Majority


Tuesday Percentage Of Money Staked:

58% No Overall Majority

18% Labour Majority

16% Conservative Majority

8% Lib Dem Majority


General Election Result: 3/10 Conservative Majority, 11/4 No Overall Majority, 20/1 Labour Majority, 250/1 Liberal Democrat Majority