Politics By Rupert Adams

Brexit: 96% Chance Of Extension Beyond Friday Deadline

The latest odds suggest that there is a 96% chance (1/25) that we will see Article 50 extended beyond the 12th of April.

As a result Hills are now offering 11/4 (27%) that Theresa May will announce the date she will be leaving the office of PM before midnight on Friday. Whilst it is 4/6 (60%) that the UK is still part of the EU on the 31st of December 2019.

“Our customers can only see further delays on the horizon,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “Although Theresa May could change all that by resigning before the weekend.”

Brexit Status on 13th April: 1/25 Article 50 still in place, 5/1 Left EU no deal, 10/1 Article 50 revoked, 40/1 Left EU with a deal


Will Theresa May Leave/Announce a date she will leave as PM by the end of Friday 12 April?: 1/4 No, 11/4 Yes

UK to remain in EU following a decision made in 2nd Referendum before end of 2019: 1/6 N0, 7/2 Yes

Will UK remain in EU at the end of 2019: 4/6 Yes, 11/10 No

Year Of The Next General Election: 8/15 2019, 4/1 2020, 16/1 2021, 5/2 2022