Politics By Rupert Adams

Bookies Bet That Theresa May Is Set For Resounding Defeat

The latest odds from William Hill suggest that Theresa May has not got a cat in hell’s chance of getting the Brexit bill through Parliament on January 15th and it is 1/7 that she loses the vote. Hills have set the spread at 237 votes (10/11 less than, 10/11 238 or more) well short of the 320 required to pass the bill.

“There are only so many times that you can drag yourself off the canvas and things are looking bleak for Theresa May,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “The odds suggest she is going to fail by around eighty votes.”

UK Parliament To Approve EU Withdrawal Agreement in January 2019: 1/7 No, 4/1 Yes

January 15th Vote:  10/11 237 or less, 10/11 238 or more

Withdrawal Agreement To Be Approved By UK Parliament Before 30/03/19: 4/11 No, 1/1 Yes

2/1 UK to revoke Article 50 before 29/03/19

UK to have second EU referendum before end of 2020?: 8/15 No, 11/8 Yes

Year Theresa May Leaves Office As PM: 2/7 2019, 9/2 2020, 12/1 2021, 10/1 2022 or later