Winter Is Coming: White Christmas Odds Cut

William Hill have trimmed the price of a White Christmas across the UK, as punters gear up for next week’s snow. The Scottish cities are all 3/1, whilst Liverpool & Manchester have both been trimmed from 6/1 to 5/1. London is currently one of the outsiders at 8/1.


“Snow on the ground is always the catalyst for the gamble on a White Christmas and I am confident that by this time next week the odds will have collapsed,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


Snow On Christmas Day: 3/1 Aberdeen, 3/1 Edinburgh, 3/1 Glasgow, 5/1 Belfast, 5/1 Leeds, 5/1 Liverpool, 5/1 Manchester, 6/1 Birmingham, 6/1 Dublin, 8/1 Bristol, 8/1 Cardiff, 8/1 London, 8/1 Norwich, 10/1 Penzance