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Odds On Theresa May To Get Withdrawal Agreement Through Parliament

For the first time the odds suggest that Theresa May will manage to get the withdrawal agreement through Parliament, with William Hill offering 4/6 that she does.


“A fortnight ago it was 1/10 that Theresa May would fail to get the withdrawal agreement through Parliament. Now it is all change and the odds suggest that Mrs May might just pull this one out of the bag,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


The withdrawal agreement to be approved by the UK Parliament before 30/3/19: 4/6 Yes, 11/10 No


Will There Be A Second EU Referendum (By end 2020): 11/8 Yes, 8/15 No


Year Theresa May Leaves Office As PM: 2/1 2018, 5/4 2019, 10/1 2020, 16/1 2021, 11/4 2022 or later


Next Permanent Conservative Leader After Theresa May: 13/2 Dominic Raab, 7/1 Boris Johnson, 7/1 Michael Gove, 7/1 Sajid Javid, 10/1 Jeremy Hunt, 10/1 Jacob Rees-Mogg, 12/1 David Davis, 14/1 Amber Rudd, 16/1 Penny Mordaunt, 20/1 Andrea Leadsom, 20/1 Bar



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