Bookies Slash Odds Of Coldest Ever Temperature

William temperatures set to plummet, William Hill have slashed the price of Heathrow closing before the end of February from 3/1 into 4/6. It comes just 24hrs after Hills cut the price of a record cold temperature being recorded this year from 16/1 into 10/1.


“It looks like the we are in for a serious cold one and there is a danger we will see travel disruption as a result,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “The sporting calendar is all but certain to take a hammering and the odds suggest (2/1) that there is every chance that a Premier League match will be postponed this week.”


Coldest ever recorded UK temperature to be beaten (-27.2c):  10/1


Snow to fall in London before the end of February: 1/6


Coldest March on Record:2/1


Heathrow to be closed for more than 1 hour due to adverse weather before the end of February - 4/6


Any Premier League match to be called off bad weather (up to an including Sunday 4th March) - 2/1