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You Bet It is True – Love Island

Kem & Amber are very much the favourites to win Love Island and William Hill are already speculating on how many of the finalists will still be together on the final day of 2017. Perhaps surprisingly, the odds (9/4) suggest that all four of the finalists will still be together and it is 6/1 that they will all have broken up.


“Clearly the ‘couples’ bankability is significantly enhanced if they stay together and we believe that all four could still be doing the rounds come the end of the year,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “Or perhaps it really is true-love island.”


How many of the couples (final 4) will still be together on New Year’s Day: 9/4 All Four, 5/2 Three, 11/4 Two, 6/1 One, 6/1 None


Will any be engaged by New Year’s Day: 2/9 None, 3/1 Yes


First couple to get engaged: 5/4 Jamie and Camilla, 2/1 Kem and Amber, 4/1 Marcel and Gabby, 6/1 Chris and Olivia


Love Island 2017: 8/11 Kem and Amber, 3/1 Jamie and Camilla, 3/1 Chris and Olivia, 12/1 Marcel and Gabby, 50/1 Any other couple