Horse Racing By Rupert Adams

York – Benbatl Cut For Dante

Benbatl is a horse on the move at William Hill and he has been cut from 8/1 to 13/2 to win the Dante – although Cracksman remains the fav at 2/1.

“There are some cracking races this week but the only serious move of the day has been for Benbatl – who looks set to be cut further in the next 24hrs,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Betfred Supports Jack Berry House Hcap: 6/1 Edward Lewis;7/1 Out Do;10/1 Love On The Rocks;11/1 East Street Revue;11/1 Robot Boy;11/1 Bowson Fred;11/1 Exceed The Limit;12/1 Fast Act;12/1 Lexington Abbey;12/1 Duke Of Firenze;14/1 Bashiba;14/1 From 16/1 Soie d'Leau;14/1 Independence Day;14/1 Sir Maximilian;14/1 Gamesome;16/1 Shamshon;16/1 Justice Good;16/1 Orient Class;20/1 Mont Kiara;25/1 Move In Time;25/1 Harry Hurricane;25/1 Reflektor;25/1 Tumblewind;25/1 Line Of Reason;25/1 Snap Shots;33/1 Rasheeq;33/1 Poyle Vinnie;40/1 Union Rose;

Dante: 2/1 Cracksman;3/1 From 7/2 Crystal Ocean;5/1 From 11/2 Rekindling;13/2 From 8/1 Benbatl;8/1 Exemplar;10/1 Forest Ranger;11/1 Permian;12/1 Wolf Country;12/1 Syphax;14/1 War Decree;14/1 Swiss Storm;16/1 Salouen;20/1 Monarchs Glen;20/1 War Secretary;25/1 Contrapposto;25/1 Taj Mahal;33/1 Belgravia;40/1 Century Dream;40/1 Sir Edwin Landseer;

Duke Of York Clipper Logistics Stakes: 11/4 Brando;5/1 Magical Memory;6/1 The Tin Man;8/1 Jungle Cat;8/1 Suedois;12/1 Comicas;12/1 Growl;12/1 Tupi;12/1 Tasleet;20/1 Baccarat;25/1 Final Venture;33/1 Nameitwhatyoulike;40/1 Mobsta;

Hambleton Handicap: 7/1 Cote d'Azur;8/1 Chelsea Lad;8/1 Another Touch;8/1 Thikriyaat;8/1 Victory Bond;10/1 Firmament;10/1 Keystroke;10/1 Murad Khan;10/1 Donncha;10/1 Candelisa;10/1 Sinfonietta;12/1 White Lake;12/1 Top Notch Tonto;12/1 Bravery;14/1 Can't Change It;14/1 One Word More;14/1 Here Comes When;16/1 Instant Attraction;20/1 General Macarthur;20/1 Get Knotted;25/1 Home Cummins;25/1 Glory Awaits;25/1 Strong Steps;33/1 Havre De Paix;

Infinity Tyres Handicap: 7/1 Out Do;8/1 Lexington Abbey;8/1 Wentworth Falls;9/1 Muntadab;9/1 Udontdodou;12/1 Ninjago;12/1 Northgate Lad;14/1 Ride Like The Wind;14/1 Shamshon;16/1 Al Qahwa;16/1 George Bowen;16/1 Lincoln;20/1 Related;20/1 Flying Pursuit;20/1 Toofi;25/1 Giant Spark;25/1 Watchable;25/1 New Bidder;25/1 Reputation;33/1 King Robert;

Middleton Stakes: 1/1 So Mi Dar;5/2 Queen's Trust;7/1 Nezwaah;10/1 Endless Time;10/1 Smart Call;10/1 The Black Princess;10/1 Chain of Daisies;16/1 Laganore;16/1 Blond Me;20/1 Rosental;

Musidora Stakes: 2/5 Shutter Speed;5/1 Vociferous Marina;12/1 Vintage Folly;12/1 Serenada;14/1 Miss Infinity;

Sky Bet First Race Special Hcap: 13/2 Shabeeb;7/1 Al Neksh;8/1 Lovell;9/1 Speed Company;11/1 Erik The Red;14/1 Cosmeapolitan;14/1 Master Carpenter;16/1 Oasis Fantasy;16/1 Saunter;16/1 Two For Two;16/1 Qassem;16/1 Innocent Touch;16/1 Repercussion;20/1 Beardwood;20/1 Final;20/1 Not So Sleepy;20/1 Lustrous Light;25/1 Awake My Soul;25/1 Mythical Madness;33/1 Kentuckyconnection;

Irish Champions Weekend Fillies Stakes: 3/1 Princess De Lune;4/1 Dancing Breeze;9/2 Sibilance;5/1 On Her Toes;8/1 Tomyris;8/1 Urban Fox;8/1 Classical Times;8/1 Mulhimatty;12/1 Holy Cat;12/1 Downton Kitten;14/1 Baileys Showgirl;20/1 Arwa;25/1 Reachforthestars;33/1 Queensbrydge;

Jorvik Handicap: 4/1 Gibbs Hill;5/1 Fidaawy;13/2 Amazing Red;13/2 Yorkidding;13/2 Burguillos;9/1 Lovell;10/1 To Be Wild;10/1 Euchen Glen;12/1 Gawdawpalin;12/1 Erik The Red;12/1 Top Tug;12/1 Snoano;14/1 Final;14/1 Oasis Fantasy;14/1 Manjaam;16/1 Banditry;16/1 Speed Company;16/1 Qassem;16/1 Ashkoul;16/1 Cymro;20/1 Soldier In Action;20/1 Southdown Lad;25/1 Fire Fighting;25/1 Lord Yeats;33/1 Song Of Love;

Marygate Fillies Stakes: 4/1 Formidable Kitt;5/1 Kentish Waltz;5/1 Main Desire;7/1 Sirici;8/1 Maggies Angel;8/1 Neola;10/1 Gisele's Angel;10/1 Validator;10/1 Yogi's Girl;10/1 Izzy Bizu;10/1 Billesdon Brook;10/1 Daddies Girl;10/1 Out Of The Flames;12/1 Take Shelter;12/1 Faithful Promise;14/1 Emilia James;16/1 Jive Lady;20/1 Blessed To Empress;20/1 Get Even;25/1 Mount Victoria;33/1 Seen The Lyte;33/1 Mistress Of Venice;50/1 Wings Of The Rock;50/1 Che Bella;50/1 Dolly Dagger;

Yorkshire Cup: 3/1 Dartmouth;4/1 Muntahaa;5/1 Simple Verse;6/1 Big Orange;7/1 Endless Time;7/1 Crimean Tatar;7/1 Quest For More;11/1 Clever Cookie;11/1 Dal Harraild;12/1 Marmelo;14/1 Higher Power;14/1 To Be Wild;14/1 Motherland;14/1 Twilight Payment;25/1 High Jinx;

Oaks: 7/4 Rhododendron;4/1 Enable;6/1 Shutter Speed;9/1 Winter;12/1 Coronet;12/1 Horseplay;12/1 Wuheida;12/1 Sobetsu;12/1 Talaayeb;16/1 Mori (needs to be supplemented);16/1 Crimson Rock;16/1 Promise To Be True;20/1 Really Special;20/1 Sea Of Grace;20/1 The Sky Is Blazing;20/1 Gracious Diana;20/1 Tocco D'Amore;20/1 Eziyra;20/1 Terrakova;20/1 Alluringly;25/1 Mori;25/1 Aneen;25/1 Hydrangea;25/1 Rain Goddess;25/1 Isabel De Urbina;25/1 Aljezeera;33/1 Astronomy's Choice;33/1 Intricately;33/1 Precious Ramotswe;33/1 Bean Feasa;33/1 Pocketfullofdreams;33/1 Daddys Lil Darling;40/1 Fleabiscuit;40/1 Vintage Folly;40/1 Butterflies;40/1 Bengala;50/1 Tranquil Star;50/1 Tansholpan;50/1 Camerone;50/1 Rich Legacy;66/1 Key To My Heart;

Derby: 4/1 Churchill;9/2 Cliffs Of Moher;6/1 Cracksman;10/1 Eminent;12/1 From 14/1 Crystal Ocean;12/1 Barney Roy (needs to be supplemented);14/1 Rekindling;14/1 Venice Beach;14/1 Best Solution;14/1 Yucatan;16/1 Douglas Macarthur;16/1 Rivet;16/1 Mirage Dancer;16/1 Capri;20/1 Best Of Days;20/1 Orderofthegarter;25/1 Benbatl;25/1 Akihiro;25/1 Atty Persse;25/1 Waldgeist;25/1 Thunder Snow;25/1 Call To Mind;25/1 Monarchs Glen;25/1 Sir John Lavery;33/1 Cunco;33/1 Leshlaa;33/1 Dubawi Prince;33/1 Titus;33/1 Tamleek;33/1 Salouen;33/1 Wings Of Eagles;33/1 Franz Schubert;33/1 Exemplar;33/1 Seven Heavens;40/1 Temple Church;40/1 Frontispiece;50/1 Giant's Treasure;50/1 Taj Mahal;50/1 Tartini;50/1 Glencadam Glory;50/1 Swiss Storm;50/1 Okool;50/1 Finn Mccool;66/1 Lethal Impact;66/1 Syphax;66/1 Impact Point;100/1 Unite The Clans;500/1 Diore Lia;