Wimbledon Weather Set To Break – But Hosepipe Ban looms

The latest odds suggest that the heatwave is set to come to an end and that we could see play at Wimbledon lost due to rain. William Hill is currently just 2/1 that either of the Mens or Ladies finals are played under a closed roof and it is 8/1 that a full days play is lost to the weather.

As gardeners and farmers across the country will confirm that it has been an extraordinarily dry year William Hill have slashed the price of a hosepipe ban this year from an original 8/1 into 1/1.

“It looks like we will start to see rain across much of the second week at the Wimbledon Championships and the roof on centre could finally earn its keep,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

1/1 A hosepipe ban to be introduced by Thames water in 2017

2/1 Either the Men’s or Ladies final to be played under closed roof

4/1 Temperature of 100f in 2016

6/1 A record temperature to be recorded in the UK in 2017

8/1 Full days play lost due to weather