Royal Ascot Royalty Horse Racing By Joe Crilly

Will bookies be feeling blue? Queen 6/4 to be wearing a blue on Day 4 of Royal Ascot

The traditional pre-racing gamble on the colour of the Queen’s Hat is turning a bit blue following a string of bets on the market. The bookies have taken hundreds of bets on the market and the majority have been on blue at odds of 6/4. Other popular choices have been purple (6/1 into 4/1) and red (20/1 into 14/1). One plucky British subject even placed a bet on the Queen wearing a Union Jack coloured hat.

“The colour of the Queen’s Hat may not seem important to all racegoers – but there are thousands of punters across the country waiting anxiously to see the first glimpse of her hat during the royal procession at Royal Ascot, ” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly, “And today will be praying she will be wearing blue.”

Colour of the Queen’s Hat (William Hill bet) 6/4 Blue, 4/1 Purple, 6/1 Cream/White, 9/1 Green, 9/1 Peach, 12/1 Grey/Silver, 12/1 Orange, 14/1 Pink, 14/1 Red, 25/1 Brown, 25/1 Gold, 25/1 Yellow, 66/1 Black, 100/1 Union Jack.