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Who'll Go First - PM or Pres?

BOOKMAKERS William Hill have opened a book on whether Theresa May will cease to be Prime Minister before Donald Trump ceases to be President - and they make her odds-on favourite to be ex-PM before he becomes an ex-President.

Hills offer 4/9 (69% chance) that Theresa May will stand down as Prime Minister before Donald Trump does so as President - and 13/8 that Trump is the first to go.

Meanwhile, Hills are also offering odds about which year will see Trump cease to be President and offer 8/1 this year; 8/1 2018; 14/1 2019; 18/1 2020; 4/5 2021; 25/1 2022; 33/1 2023; 33/1 2024; 7/2 2025.

But the Americans may have to wait until beyond the 2028 Election for a female President, think Hills who offer 2/1 that YES, a female will be elected President in or before the 2028 Election, and  4/11 that NO, it will not have happened. (If a female is elected President in 2028 and inaugurated in 2029, that will count as a win for the Yes option).

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