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Which of The Odd Couple Will Go First?

WITH THERESA MAY AND DONALD TRUMP both facing widespread criticism, but with neither of them looking like backing down, bookmakers William Hill have opened a book on which of the two will cease to be in his/her current role first.

And Hills make Prime Minister May 4/9 to go first, with President Trump 13/8 to be the first out.

However, it may be some time before either looks for a new job, as Hills make May odds-on at 4/9 still to be PM on December 31,2020 (13/8 gone by then), while the favourite year for Trump to become an ex-President is 2021 at 5/6. Trump is 11/8 to resign during his first term, 8/15 not to.

With Brexit and high profile by-elections both making the news, Hills are also betting on which of the current Party leaders will go first and make Jeremy Corbyn 2/1 favourite, also offering11/4 Theresa May; 3/1 Paul Nuttall; 5/1 Nicola Sturgeon; 8/1 Tom Farron.

WILLIAM HILL.....Article 50 triggered by end of March: 4/7 YES; 5/4 NO

Donald Trump to construct/complete the Wall?- 5/4

Stoke on Trent Central by-election: 5/6 UKIP; Evens Labour; 33/1 Con, Lib Dem

Copeland by-election; 4/7 Con; 7/4 Lab; 10/1 Ukip; 33/1 Lib Dem.

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