Horse Racing By Rupert Adams

Weather Woes For York – Shutter Speed 2/5 For Musidora Stakes

William Hill can report a very quiet day in the offices as punters wait to see what the weather does at York on Wednesday. Shutter Speed is the star of the show on the opening day but with connections waiting to the last minute even she has been friendless.

“Turnover is significantly down on last year, so we have our fingers crossed that the weather turns out to be better than the forecast,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Betfred Supports Jack Berry House Hcap

6/1 Edward Lewis;7/1 Out Do;10/1 Love On The Rocks;11/1 Robot Boy;11/1 Bowson Fred;11/1 Exceed The Limit;11/1 East Street Revue;12/1 Lexington Abbey;12/1 Duke Of Firenze;12/1 Fast Act;14/1 Bashiba;14/1 Soie d'Leau;14/1 Independence Day;14/1 Sir Maximilian;14/1 Gamesome;16/1 Justice Good;16/1 Orient Class;16/1 Shamshon;20/1 Mont Kiara;25/1 Harry Hurricane;25/1 Reflektor;25/1 Tumblewind;25/1 Line Of Reason;25/1 Snap Shots;25/1 Move In Time;33/1 Poyle Vinnie;33/1 Rasheeq;40/1 Union Rose;


2/1 Cracksman;3/1 Crystal Ocean;5/1 Rekindling;13/2 Benbatl;8/1 Exemplar;10/1 Forest Ranger;11/1 Permian;12/1 Syphax;12/1 Wolf Country;14/1 War Decree;14/1 Swiss Storm;16/1 Salouen;20/1 War Secretary;20/1 Monarchs Glen;25/1 Contrapposto;25/1 Taj Mahal;33/1 Belgravia;40/1 Century Dream;40/1 Sir Edwin Landseer;

Duke Of York Clipper Logistics Stakes

11/4 Brando;6/1 Magical Memory;6/1 The Tin Man;9/1 Jungle Cat;15/2 Suedois;12/1 Growl;12/1 Tasleet;14/1 Tupi; 16/1 Comicas;20/1 Baccarat;25/1 Final Venture;25/1 Nameitwhatyoulike;33/1 Mobsta;

Hambleton Handicap

11/2 From 8/1 Thikriyaat;7/1 Cote d'Azur;8/1 Another Touch;8/1 Chelsea Lad;8/1 From 10/1 Donncha;8/1 Victory Bond;10/1 Sinfonietta;10/1 Keystroke;10/1 Candelisa;10/1 Murad Khan;10/1 Firmament;12/1 Top Notch Tonto;12/1 Bravery;12/1 White Lake;14/1 One Word More;14/1 Can't Change It;14/1 Here Comes When;16/1 Instant Attraction;20/1 Get Knotted;20/1 General Macarthur;25/1 Home Cummins;25/1 Glory Awaits;25/1 Strong Steps;33/1 Havre De Paix;

Infinity Tyres Handicap

7/1 From 9/1 Muntadab;10/1 Out Do;9/1 Lexington Abbey;15/2 Wentworth Falls;8/1 From 9/1 Udontdodou;12/1 Ninjago;12/1 Northgate Lad;14/1 Shamshon;14/1 Ride Like The Wind;16/1 George Bowen;18/1 Lincoln;20/1 Al Qahwa;;20/1 Flying Pursuit;22/1 Toofi;25/1 Related; 25/1 Watchable;28/1 Reputation;25/1 New Bidder;25/1 Giant Spark;33/1 King Robert;

Middleton Stakes

1/1 So Mi Dar;5/2 Queen's Trust;7/1 Nezwaah;10/1 Chain of Daisies;10/1 The Black Princess;10/1 Smart Call;10/1 Endless Time;16/1 Blond Me;16/1 Laganore;20/1 Rosental;

Musidora Stakes

2/5 Shutter Speed;5/1 Vociferous Marina;12/1 Vintage Folly;12/1 Serenada;14/1 Miss Infinity;

Sky Bet First Race Special Hcap

9/1 Shabeeb;7/1 Al Neksh;8/1 Lovell;8/1 From 16/1 Repercussion; 11/1 From 16/1 Saunter;12/1 Speed Company;12/1 Erik The Red;16/1 Cosmeapolitan;;14/1 Master Carpenter;16/1 Two For Two;20/1 Innocent Touch;16/1 Qassem;;25/1 Beardwood;20/1 Final;20/1 Not So Sleepy;20/1 Lustrous Light;22/1 Oasis Fantasy; 40/1 Mythical Madness;28/1 Awake My Soul;33/1 Kentuckyconnection;

Irish Champions Weekend Fillies Stakes

3/1 Princess De Lune;4/1 Dancing Breeze;9/2 Sibilance;5/1 On Her Toes;8/1 Urban Fox;8/1 Classical Times;8/1 Mulhimatty;8/1 Tomyris;12/1 Holy Cat;12/1 Downton Kitten;14/1 Baileys Showgirl;20/1 Arwa;25/1 Reachforthestars;33/1 Queensbrydge;

Jorvik Handicap

7/2 From 4/1 Gibbs Hill;5/1 Fidaawy;13/2 Amazing Red;13/2 Yorkidding;13/2 Burguillos;7/1 Lovell;10/1 Euchen Glen;10/1 To Be Wild;12/1 Snoano;12/1 Gawdawpalin;12/1 Erik The Red;12/1 From 16/1 Cymro;12/1 Top Tug;14/1 Manjaam;14/1 Oasis Fantasy;14/1 Final;16/1 Banditry;16/1 Speed Company;16/1 Qassem;16/1 Ashkoul;20/1 Southdown Lad;20/1 Soldier In Action;25/1 Fire Fighting;25/1 Lord Yeats;33/1 Song Of Love;

Marygate Fillies Stakes

4/1 Formidable Kitt;5/1 Kentish Waltz;5/1 Main Desire;7/1 Sirici;8/1 Maggies Angel;8/1 Neola;10/1 Daddies Girl;10/1 Billesdon Brook;10/1 Izzy Bizu;10/1 Validator;10/1 Gisele's Angel;10/1 Yogi's Girl;10/1 Out Of The Flames;12/1 Faithful Promise;12/1 Take Shelter;14/1 Emilia James;16/1 Jive Lady;20/1 Get Even;20/1 Blessed To Empress;25/1 Mount Victoria;33/1 Seen The Lyte;33/1 Mistress Of Venice;50/1 Dolly Dagger;50/1 Wings Of The Rock;50/1 Che Bella;

Yorkshire Cup

3/1 Dartmouth;4/1 Muntahaa;5/1 Simple Verse;6/1 Big Orange;7/1 Endless Time;7/1 Crimean Tatar;7/1 Quest For More;11/1 Dal Harraild;11/1 Clever Cookie;12/1 Marmelo;14/1 Motherland;14/1 To Be Wild;14/1 Higher Power;14/1 Twilight Payment;25/1 High Jinx;


7/4 Rhododendron;4/1 Enable;6/1 Shutter Speed;9/1 Winter;12/1 Coronet;12/1 Sobetsu;12/1 Horseplay;12/1 Talaayeb;12/1 Wuheida;16/1 Crimson Rock;16/1 Promise To Be True;16/1 Mori (needs to be supplemented);20/1 The Sky Is Blazing;20/1 Really Special;20/1 Terrakova;20/1 Tocco D'Amore;20/1 Alluringly;20/1 Sea Of Grace;20/1 Eziyra;20/1 Gracious Diana;25/1 Rain Goddess;25/1 Aneen;25/1 Hydrangea;25/1 Aljezeera;25/1 Mori;25/1 Isabel De Urbina;33/1 Astronomy's Choice;33/1 Pocketfullofdreams;33/1 Bean Feasa;33/1 Precious Ramotswe;33/1 Daddys Lil Darling;33/1 Intricately;40/1 Fleabiscuit;40/1 Vintage Folly;40/1 Butterflies;40/1 Bengala;50/1 Tranquil Star;50/1 Tansholpan;50/1 Rich Legacy;50/1 Camerone;66/1 Key To My Heart;


4/1 Churchill;9/2 Cliffs Of Moher;6/1 Cracksman;10/1 Eminent;12/1 Barney Roy (needs to be supplemented);12/1 Crystal Ocean;14/1 Rekindling;14/1 Venice Beach;14/1 Best Solution;14/1 Yucatan;16/1 Rivet;16/1 Douglas Macarthur;16/1 Capri;16/1 Mirage Dancer;20/1 Best Of Days;20/1 Orderofthegarter;25/1 Sir John Lavery;25/1 Waldgeist;25/1 Monarchs Glen;25/1 Akihiro;25/1 Benbatl;25/1 Thunder Snow;25/1 Atty Persse;25/1 Call To Mind;33/1 Cunco;33/1 Leshlaa;33/1 Seven Heavens;33/1 Dubawi Prince;33/1 Titus;33/1 Tamleek;33/1 Franz Schubert;33/1 Salouen;33/1 Wings Of Eagles;33/1 Exemplar;40/1 Frontispiece;40/1 Temple Church;50/1 Taj Mahal;50/1 Glencadam Glory;50/1 Swiss Storm;50/1 Okool;50/1 Tartini;50/1 Finn Mccool;50/1 Giant's Treasure;66/1 Lethal Impact;66/1 Impact Point;66/1 Syphax;100/1 Unite The Clans;500/1 Diore Lia;