Politics By Graham Sharpe

Theresa May NOT ?

DESPITE SENIOR Tories reportedly urging Theresa May to opt for an early General Election, bookmakers William Hill still believe that the next Election will not take place until 2020, and make that an odds-on chance at 10/11 (52% chance) to be the case.

It is a 15/8 (34% chance) that Mrs May will call the Election for THIS year.

Hills make Theresa May an odds-on chance at 4/9 (69%) still to be PM on December 31, 2020, and quote 10/1 that she will end up spending longer than Margaret Thatcher's 11years 209 days in the position.

'It is generally accepted that Gordon Brown made the wrong call when he opted NOT to call an early Election, but we are prepared to gamble that Mrs May will do likewise' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

NEXT GENERAL ELECTION?.....15/8 THIS year; 7/1 NEXT year; 6/1 2019; 10/11 2020 or later.

NEXT GENERAL ELECTION RESULT....4/7 Tory overall majority; 15/8 Hung Parliament; 7/1 Labour overall majority.

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