Politics By Graham Sharpe

Theresa May Beat Maggie PM Record

WITH THERESA MAY poised to reveal more of her Brexit plans in a speech on Tuesday, bookmakers William Hill are speculating that if she makes a success of qutting the EU she could become popular enough to rival Margaret Thatcher's tenure of Number 10, and offering odds of 10/1 that TM lasts longer in the job of PM than MT!

'Margaret Thatcher clocked up eleven and a half years as Prime Minister, but Theresa May could rival that with two General Election victories' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

And Hills offer Even money about Theresa May fulfilling her claim that she will trigger Article 50 before the end of this March en route to quitting the EU, 8/11 that she will not.

Hills offer 1/2 that the UK officially quits the EU during 2019; 5/2 not before 2020, 5/1 in 2018 or earlier.

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