Boxing By Joe Crilly

Seven Days To Go: McGregor Win Will Cost Bookmakers Millions

With just seven days to go until Mayweather/McGregor, the bookies are fearing an upset. Since betting opened on the fight, McGregor’s odds have tumbled from 11/2 to 3/1 at William Hill and a victory for the Irishman will see payouts to punters in the millions of pounds.

“It is absolutely bonkers. Arguably the best boxer of all time is largely friendless in this fight against someone who has never stepped foot into a ring as a professional,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly. “Everything logical says that Mayweather should win this but we are definitely nervous about an upset.”

Bookmakers around the world are expecting to take over £100m worth of wagers for what is likely to be the biggest betting bout of all time.

Mayweather’s odds of winning are 1/4 from an original 1/10 while it is 20/1 that McGregor fails to land a punch.

1/4 Floyd Mayweather Jr, 3/1 Conor McGregor, 40/1 Draw

Conor McGregor win: 22/1 Round One, 20/1 Round two, 20/1 Round Three, 22/1 Round Four

Floyd Mayweather win: 25/1 Round One, 20/1 Round Two, 16/1 Round Three, 14/1 Round Four

Fight To Go The Distance: 2/5 No, 15/8 Yes

20/1       McGregor not to land a punch

40/1       Mayweather to KO McGregor in 60 seconds

250/1    Both fighters to be knocked out simultaneously