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Royal Ascot: Is Queen To Miss Royal Procession on Wednesday?

Despite managing not to miss a single day of Royal Ascot since her coronation, William Hill believe that there is a real danger that Her Majesty might miss the Royal Procession on Wednesday as a result of opening parliament.


“Time is very tight and if the Queen is to make it to the Royal Procession, she is probably going to have to get changed in the back of her car,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


Ascot Specials:

Churchill (St James Palace) to win and Jeremy Corbyn to be next PM: 5/2

Aidan O'Brien top trainer and Aidan Turner to be next James Bond: 10/1

Happy Like A Fool to win  Queen Mary and Boris Johnson next PM: 11/1

Greta G (Duke Of Cambridge) and Brando (Diamond Jubilee) both to be placed: 16/1

Washington DC to Win Kings Stand and Donald Trump UK State visit in 2017: 33/1

Game Of Thrones - Winter (Coronation Stakes) and Mother Of Dragons (any Royal Ascot race) both to win: 80/1 What colour hat will the Queen wear to Royal Ascot On Tuesday: 2/1 Yellow, 4/1 Blue, 5/1 Purple, 6/1 Green, 6/1 White/Cream, 8/1 Pink, 10/1 Peach, 20/1 Red, 20/1 Orange, 33/1 Brown, 33/1 Grey, 33/1 Silver, 66/1 Gold, 100/1 Black


Big Races

Coventry Stakes 20th: 11/2 Brother Bear;11/2 Declarationofpeace;6/1 Arawak;6/1 De Bruyne Horse;7/1 Denaar;9/1 Verbal Dexterity;10/1 Murillo;10/1 Rajasinghe;12/1 Natural;14/1 Nebo;14/1 Romanised;16/1 Cardsharp;16/1 Prince Of The Dark;16/1 True Blue Moon;20/1 Zaman;20/1 U S Navy Flag;20/1 Aqabah;20/1 Sioux Nation;25/1 Rufus King;25/1 Haddaf;25/1 Red Roman;25/1 It Dont Come Easy;25/1 Headway;33/1 Hey Gaman;40/1 Global Humor;40/1 Chookie Dunedin;50/1 Connery;100/1 City Guest;100/1 Ivy Leaguer


King’s Stand 20th: 3/1 From 7/2 Lady Aurelia;7/2 Marsha;6/1 Signs Of Blessing;12/1 Muthmir;12/1 Goldream;14/1 Priceless;14/1 Washington DC;14/1 Profitable;16/1 Cotai Glory;20/1 Alpha Delphini;20/1 Ardhoomey;20/1 Ornate;20/1 Take Cover;25/1 Kachy;25/1 Just Glamorous;33/1 Gracious John;33/1 Medicean Man;33/1 Finsbury Square;50/1 Willytheconqueror;66/1 Kyllang Rock;66/1 Final Venture

Queen Anne Stakes 20th: 4/6 Ribchester;9/2 Lightning Spear;7/1 Mutakayyef;14/1 Deauville;20/1 Dutch Connection;25/1 Ennaadd;25/1 American Patriot;33/1 Oh This Is Us;33/1 Kool Kompany;33/1 Cougar Mountain;33/1 Miss Temple City;33/1 Spectre;50/1 Jallota;66/1 Kaspersky;66/1 Toscanini;150/1 Dutch Uncle

St James’s Palace Stakes: 4/7 Churchill;9/4 Barney Roy;8/1 Thunder Snow;20/1 Rivet;25/1 Orderofthegarter;25/1 Lancaster Bomber;25/1 Whitecliffsofdover;33/1 Forest Ranger;33/1 Peace Envoy;66/1 Kings Gift;100/1 Mr Scaramanga

Windsor Castle Stakes20th:  5/1 Declarationofpeace;6/1 Nootka Sound;8/1 Elizabeth Darcy;10/1 Murillo;10/1 Nine Below Zero;10/1 Corinthia Knight;10/1 Frozen Angel;10/1 True Blue Moon;12/1 Roussel;14/1 Cardsharp;16/1 Koditime;16/1 Sound And Silence;16/1 Simmy's Copshop;16/1 Dragons Tail;16/1 Haddaf;20/1 Another Batt;20/1 Pilkington;25/1 Short Call;25/1 Treasuring;25/1 Chookie Dunedin;25/1 Way Of Wisdom;25/1 Marchingontogether;25/1 T For Tango;25/1 To Wafij;25/1 Dahik;25/1 Sioux Nation;25/1 Billy Dylan;25/1 One Minute;25/1 Rock Of Estonia;25/1 Emilia James;33/1 Black Orange;33/1 Mokaatil;33/1 June Dog;40/1 Yulong Warrior;50/1 Rioticism;50/1 Tough Remedy;50/1 Declarationoflove;66/1 Mother Of Dragons;66/1 Connery;66/1 Chatburn;66/1 James Garfield;66/1 Bath And Tennis;66/1 Excellently Poised;66/1 Dusty;66/1 Papa Stour;100/1 Wings Of The Rock;100/1 Magnus;100/1 City Guest;100/1 Last Page;100/1 Al Fujairah;100/1 Areen Faisal;100/1 Alaska;150/1 Autumn Lodge;150/1 Sovereign State;

Queen Mary Stakes 21st: 2/1 Happy Like A Fool;11/2 From 8/1 Heartache;7/1 Fairyland;12/1 Chica La Habana;12/1 Neola;14/1 Treasuring;14/1 Out Of The Flames;14/1 Ertiyad;16/1 Formidable Kitt;16/1 Mrs Gallagher;20/1 Butterscotch;20/1 One Minute;25/1 Mamba Noire;25/1 Short Call;25/1 Emilia James;33/1 Maybride;33/1 Darkanna;33/1 Looks A Million;33/1 Now You're Talking;33/1 Sirici;33/1 Rioticism;40/1 Mother Of Dragons;40/1 Missy Mischief;40/1 Bath And Tennis;40/1 Debutante's Ball;50/1 Lady Anjorica;50/1 Wings Of The Rock;50/1 Pursuing The Dream;50/1 Take Shelter;100/1 Go Bananas

Royal Hunt Cup 21st: 10/1 Banksea;10/1 Fastnet Tempest;12/1 George William;12/1 From 16/1 Mustashry;14/1 G K Chesterton;14/1 From 16/1 El Vip;14/1 Morando;16/1 Chelsea Lad;20/1 Ballet Concerto;20/1 Yuften;20/1 Remarkable;20/1 Keystroke;20/1 Abe Lincoln;20/1 Sea Wolf;20/1 Zhui Feng;25/1 Ballard Down;25/1 Early Morning;25/1 Bossy Guest;25/1 Tabarrak;25/1 Here Comes When;25/1 Another Touch;25/1 GM Hopkins;25/1 Donncha;25/1 Castle Harbour;25/1 Gossiping;25/1 Tashweeq;25/1 Withernsea;25/1 Blair House;33/1 Bravery;33/1 Mutarakez;33/1 Shady McCoy;33/1 Von Blucher;33/1 Belgian Bill;33/1 Candelisa;33/1 Boomshackerlacker;33/1 The Warrior;33/1 Hors de Combat;33/1 Instant Attraction;33/1 Briardale;33/1 Raising Sand;33/1 Greenside;33/1 Makzeem;33/1 Brigliadoro;33/1 Shaiyem;33/1 Baraweez;33/1 Repercussion;33/1 Tumbaga;33/1 Cote d’Azur;33/1 Master The World;33/1 War Glory;33/1 Ice Slice;33/1 My Target;33/1 Elleval;40/1 Taurean Star;40/1 Big Baz;40/1 Battle of Marathon;40/1 Takatul

Ascot Gold Cup 22nd June: 4/5 Order Of St George;7/1 From 10/1 Simple Verse;8/1 Big Orange;10/1 Sheikhzayedroad;14/1 Sweet Selection;16/1 Torcedor;16/1 Quest For More;20/1 Kingfisher;20/1 Endless Time;25/1 Prince Of Arran;25/1 Winning Story;25/1 Harbour Law;25/1 Qewy;33/1 Nearly Caught;33/1 Trip To Paris;33/1 She Is No Lady;40/1 Harrison;66/1 Motherland

Albany Stakes 23rd June: 13/8 Alpha Centauri;7/2 Fairyland;7/1 Princess Peggy;7/1 September;8/1 Natural;14/1 Black Sails;16/1 Tajaanus;20/1 Actress

Commonwealth Cup 23rd: 1/1 Caravaggio;3/1 Harry Angel;9/2 Blue Point;8/1 Lady Aurelia;10/1 Bound For Nowhere;12/1 Dream Castle;14/1 Fas;20/1 Second Thought;20/1 Queen Kindly;20/1 Spiritual Lady;25/1 Tis Marvellous;25/1 Son of Rest;25/1 Visionary;33/1 Dream of Dreams;33/1 Straight Right;33/1 Yalta;33/1 Sir Dancealot;33/1 Peace Envoy;33/1 Intelligence Cross;40/1 Global Applause;40/1 Legendary Lunch;40/1 Victory Angel;50/1 Pedestal;50/1 Equimou;50/1 Mister Trader;50/1 Bletchley;66/1 Music Box;66/1 Alphabet;66/1 Koropick;100/1 Sparkalot;100/1 Mr Scarlet

Coronation Stakes 23rd: 4/6 Winter;7/1 Rhododendron;8/1 Dabyah;10/1 Daban;10/1 Precieuse (needs to be supplemented);12/1 Talaayeb;14/1 Sea Of Grace;14/1 Sobetsu;14/1 Senga;16/1 Wuheida;16/1 Unforgetable Filly;16/1 Tomyris;20/1 La Coronel;20/1 Roly Poly;20/1 Promising;20/1 Rain Goddess;20/1 Intricately;20/1 Cristal Fizz;20/1 Hydrangea;25/1 Speed As;25/1 Delectation;33/1 Urban Fox;33/1 Cashla Bay;33/1 Wajnah;33/1 Bean Feasa;40/1 Kilmah;50/1 Smoulder;50/1 Spiritual Lady;50/1 Alluringly

Hardwicke Stakes 24th: 3/1 Highland Reel;3/1 Dartmouth;7/2 From 4/1 Frontiersman;4/1 Jack Hobbs;7/1 Poets Word;7/1 Wings Of Desire;8/1 Hawkbill;10/1 Idaho;10/1 Journey;12/1 Across The Stars;12/1 Midterm;12/1 Muntahaa;14/1 Western Hymn;14/1 Ulysses;16/1 Us Army Ranger

Wokingham Handicap 24th: 9/1 Outback Traveller;10/1 Fastnet Tempest;12/1 Projection;12/1 Culturati;14/1 Amazour;14/1 Naggers;16/1 Eastern Impact;16/1 Flaming Spear;20/1 Top Score;20/1 Normandy Barriere;20/1 Spring Loaded;20/1 Al Qahwa;20/1 Edward Lewis;20/1 Muntadab;20/1 Yuften;20/1 Direct Times;25/1 Blaine;25/1 Certificate;25/1 Windfast;25/1 Poyle Vinnie;25/1 Steady Pace;25/1 Orvar;25/1 G Force;25/1 Out Do;25/1 Intelligence Cross;25/1 Perfect Pasture;25/1 Lexington Abbey;25/1 Polybius;25/1 Haftohaf;25/1 Mazzini;25/1 Danzeno;25/1 Raucous;25/1 Gossiping;25/1 Buckstay;25/1 Duke Of Firenze;25/1 Unabated;25/1 Lancelot du Lac;25/1 Wentworth Falls;25/1 Upstaging;25/1 Cenotaph;25/1 Aeolus;33/1 Donjuan Triumphant;33/1 Ifwecan;33/1 Big Time;33/1 Kadrizzi;33/1 George Dryden;33/1 Boom The Groom;33/1 Solar Flair;33/1 Stellarta;33/1 Shared Equity;33/1 Shanghai Glory;33/1 Canny Kool;33/1 Alphabet;33/1 Go Far;33/1 Jordan Sport;33/1 Harry Hurricane;33/1 Squats;33/1 Captain Colby;33/1 Gunmetal

Diamond Jubilee Stakes 24th: 4/1 Limato;7/1 Magical Memory;7/1 The Tin Man;8/1 Tasleet;10/1 Quiet Reflection;14/1 Signs Of Blessing;14/1 Librisa Breeze;14/1 Acapulco;14/1 The Right Man;14/1 Brando;16/1 Jungle Cat;16/1 Growl;20/1 Suedois;20/1 Dancing Star;25/1 Dutch Connection;25/1 Washington DC;25/1 Aclaim;25/1 Kachy;33/1 Comicas;33/1 Tupi;33/1 Al Jazi;33/1 Long On Value;33/1 Windfast;50/1 Kassia;50/1 Smash Williams;50/1 Mobsta;66/1 Finsbury Square;66/1 Squats