Royal Ascot Royalty Horse Racing By Rupert Adams

Queen To Miss Royal Procession For First Time In Over Sixty Years – Green Hat Was Best Ever Result For Bookies

William Hill are offering odds of just 2/1 that the Queen will miss the Royal Procession on Wednesday for the first time since her Coronation in 1953.


“Even the Queen cannot be in two places at once and we believe there is a real danger that she could miss the Royal Procession for the first time since her Coronation,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


Meanwhile the gamble on the Queen wearing a Purple hat on day one proved incorrect, with just seven bets on the colour Green. Should you fancy a flutter on the hat on Wednesday the favourite is Yellow at 15/8. “The Queen’s decision to go Green was a fantastic result for the bookies,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “Probably the best result we have ever had on this market.”


What colour hat will the Queen wear to Royal Ascot On Tuesday: 15/8 Yellow, 11/4 Blue, 7/2 Purple, 20/1 Green, 11/2 White/Cream, 7/1 Pink, 10/1 Peach, 16/1 Red, 16/1 Orange, 16/1 Grey, 22/1 Brown, 33/1 Silver, 50/1 Gold, 66/1 Black.