Politics By Joe Crilly

Momentum With Labour As Tories Drift In The Betting Again

As Theresa May was heckled on the election special, the odds of the Tories gaining a majority once again drifted in the betting according to William Hill.


Originally offered at 1/5 on the day the snap election was called, the price tumbled to 1/16 within a week yet now, the odds are 1/6 (from 1/7 on Monday).


Labour, on the other hand, have seen their odds come in to 8/1 from 10/1 on Monday.


“All the momentum is with Labour at the moment and while the Tories retain favouritism by some way, the odds could still change yet with just over a week until polling day,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.


General Election result: 1/6 Conservative majority; 13/2 no overall majority; 8/1 Labour majority; 250/1 Liberal Democrats majority; 500/1 UKIP majority


Most seats: 1/14 Conservative; 13/2 Labour; 500/1 Liberal Democrats; 1000/1 Greens; 1000/1 UKIP