Politics By Graham Sharpe

Labour Stoked As Le Pen Dissed

LABOUR have become clear favourites to win the Stoke on Trent Central by-election with bookmakers William Hill after they were backed down to odds of 4/6, from 10/11 while Ukip's odds drifted from 10/11 out to 11/10.

'There has been a sudden swing in the betting towards Labour retaining the seat, but their odds have drifted out in the other imminent by-election in Copeland where they are now 2/1 second favourites behind the Conservatives who are hot favourites at 4/11' said Hill's Media Relations Director, Graham Sharpe.

STOKE...4/6 Lab; 11/10 Ukip; 25/1 Cons.......COPELAND: 4/11 Cons; 2/1 Lab; 20/1 Ukip.

Labour to lose both - 11/8; To win both - 9/4

*****A political punter bassed in Diss in Norfolk has staked the second biggest bet yet placed on Marine Le Pen to win the French Presidential Election, of £7500. (Largest is one of £10,000). The Front National candidate has shortened in the betting from 2/1 to 7/4 second favourite, and has attracted 53.7% of all bets staked on the outcome, and 43.2% of all the money bet with William Hill.

Emmanual Macron is 13/10 favourite, with Le Pen 7/4 and Fillon 9/2.

Bets staked in French Election: 53.7% on Le Pen, 14.5% Fillon, 14.1% Macron; Money staked: 43.2% Le Pen; 34.6% Fillon; 12.3% Macron

Further information.......Graham Sharpe, Media Relations Director, William Hill.....0780 3233702