Politics By Graham Sharpe

Labour 6/4 To Lose BOTH By Elections

WITH TWO by elections, in Stoke on Trent Central, and Copeland, set to take place on the same day, February 23, bookmakers William Hill are offering odds of 6/4 that Labour LOSE both of them - or 7/2 that they WIN both.

Hills make Labour 10/11 joint favourites with Ukip to win in Stoke, but they are 6/4 second favourites behind the Tories, the 4/6 favourites, in Copeland.

'A double defeat could spell disaster for Jeremy Corbyn and he is being backed at 2/1 to cease to be Labour leader during 2017, with Keir Starmer being backed to 4/1 favourite to succeed him' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

WM HILL....Stoke: 10/11 Ukip; 10/11 Lab; 28/1 Tories; 33/1 Lib Dems

Copeland: 4/6 Tories; 6/4 Lab; 12/1 Ukip; 25/1 LD

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