Politics By Graham Sharpe

Nicola's Gamble To Pay Off......

A second Scottish Independence Referendum is an odds-on cert, and the Scots will vote for independence when the vote does take place, predict bookies William Hill.

Hills offer 2/9 (82% chance) that IndyRef2 will happen before the end of 2024, and 8/15 (65%) that it takes place earlier rather than later ,by the end of 2020.

And the betting is 4/6 (60% chance) that when it does take place Scots will vote in favour of Independence.

'The first Scottish Referendum set a new political betting record when over £10million was gambled on the outcome industry-wide, and the next one already looks set to produce a bigger turnover than that' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.


INDYREF2 BY END 2020? - 8/15 Yes; 11/8 No

INDYREF2 BY END 2024?- 2/9 Yes; 3/1 No

OUTCOME?......4/6 In favour of independence; 11/10 against independence.

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