Politics By Rupert Adams

Has London-centric Cash Changed Political Betting?

The latest odds from William Hill suggest that the Conservative party remain well ahead of Labour and that on paper (1/4) they should win with a comfortable majority. Clearly these odds run contrary to a number of Polls and the bookies fear that we could be seeing another case of the larger London-centric bets hiding what would otherwise be the real odds.

“In the past the odds have been a fantastic indicator of who is leading in the run up to any election. But the odds failed to predict either Brexit or Donald Trump and there is a danger we are seeing the same thing here,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “It could be a case of the big boys making the market rather than the actual opinion of the general public.”

General Election betting: 1/4 Conservative majority; 7/2 no overall majority; 9/1 Labour majority; 250/1 Liberal Democrat majority; 500/1 UKIP majority

Most seats: 1/9 Conservative; 5/1 Labour; 500/1 Liberal Democrat; 1000/1 Greens; 1000/1 UKIP