Politics By Rupert Adams

Has Jeremy Corbyn Signed His Own P45- Odds Suggest Labour To Lose 74 Seats

The odds suggest that Jeremy Corbyn and his manifesto are going to ensure a very bad election day for the Labour party with William Hill now offering 16/1 that Labour win the most seats at the next election. In fact the latest odds suggest that Labour will win just 158 seats - a potential loss of 74 seats.

Whatever the outcome of the Election, Jeremy Corbyn is 2/9 to hang on to the leadership – although Yvette Cooper might have something to say and she is now the 5/2 favourite to succeed Mr Corbyn as the labour leader

“We now have betting on every constituency and our projections suggest that Labour will win just 158 seats,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “We believe that the manifesto is unlikely to boost these numbers significantly.”

Total number of Labour seats: 2/9 199 seats or fewer; 3/1 200/1 seats or more

Labour to get more than 100 seats in the General Election: 1/20 100 seats or more; 8/1 less than 100 seats

Labour total seats: 5/6 under 158.5; 5/6 over 158.5

Next Labour Leader After Jeremy Corbyn: 5/2 Yvette Cooper, 4/1 Keir Starmer, 7/1 Clive Lewis, 9/1 Dan Jarvis, 12/1 David Miliband, 14/1 Emily Thornberry, 14/1 Lisa Nandy, 14/1 Rebecca Long-Bailey, 16/1 Chuka Umunna, 20/1 John McDonnell, 20/1 Tom Watson, 25/1 Angela Rayner, 25/1 Hilary Benn, 25/1 Sadiq Khan, 33/1 Ed Balls, 33/1 Heidi Alexander, 33/1 Richard Burgon, 33/1 Stephen Kinnock, 40/1 Andy Burnham, 50/1 Others

When Will Labour Next Form A Majority Govt In The UK?: 6/1 In or before 2020, 7/4 Between 2021-2025, 9/4 Between 2026-2030, 9/4 2031 Onwards

UK General Election: 1/33 Conservative majority; 12/1 no overall majority; 25/1 Labour majority; 66/1 Liberal Democrats majority; 200/1 UKIP majority

Most seats: 1/100 Conservative; 16/1 Labour; 66/1 Liberal Democrats; 100/1 UKIP; 200/1 Greens