Politics By Rupert Adams

General Election: Labour Surge In The Betting

William Hill can report yet more money for Labour, whose odds to win most seats continue to shorten. They are currently offered at 6/1 (from 8/1 this morning), whilst a Labour majority is now 7/1 from 11/1.

“Turnover appears to be on a par with the last election and we have already accepted over one million pounds in bets,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “If the surge of support for Labour continues we could see a record turnover.”

UK General Election: 1/7 Conservative majority; 7/1 no overall majority; 7/1 Labour majority; 250/1 Liberal Democrats majority; 500/1 UKIP majority

Most seats: 1/14 Conservative; 6/1 Labour; 250/1 Liberal Democrats; 500/1 UKIP; 1000/1 Greens