Early Gamble On White Christmas Catches Bookies Napping

Bookmakers William Hill can report a surprise early gamble on a white Christmas, with the Scottish cites now as short as 5/2 having opened at 4/1. The bookies Christmas cheer is largely based on whether a snowflake falls in London over the festive 24 hrs, which is currently priced at 6/1.


“We are not sure if the gamble is based on a long range computer model or the onset of the colder weather but if the magic snowflakes fall the industry is already facing a mammoth payout,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


Snow On Christmas Day 2017: 5/2 Aberdeen, 5/2 Edinburgh, 5/2 Glasgow, 4/1 Leeds, 4/1 Newcastle, 5/1 Belfast, 6/1 Birmingham, 6/1 Liverpool, 6/1 London, 6/1 Manchester, 6/1 Norwich, 8/1 Bristol, 8/1 Cardiff, 8/1 Dublin, 10/1 Penzance