Politics By Graham Sharpe

Trump 2020 Odds Lengthened

FOLLOWING his Heath Care setback, Donald Trump's odds of winning the 2020 Presidential Election have been lengthened from 6/4 (40% chance) to 7/4 (36%) by William Hill - who have the Democrats as odds-on favourites at 8/11 (57% chance) to win in 2020, with the Republicans Even money.

'President Trump has clearly suffered a blow because of the Health Care Act debacle, but it is still early days in his tenure and there is plenty of time for him to turn things round, so although we have extended his odds, we're not over-reacting' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.


PARTY TO WIN NEXT US ELECTION.....8/11 Dems; Evens Reps

INDIVIDUAL TO WIN NEXT US ELECTION....7/4 Doland Trump; 8/1 Mark Pence; 10/1 Elizabeth Warren; 10/1 Michelle Obama; 14/1 Cory Booker; 16/1 Hillary Clinton; Paul Ryan; 20/1 Andrew Cuomo. Others on request.

WILL US ELECT FEMALE PRESIDENT IN OR BEFORE 2028?......2/1 (33% chance) YES; 4/11 NO

Further information......Graham Sharpe...Media Relations Director, William Hill....0780 3233702