Specials Betting By Joe Crilly

Colin Kaepernick Is Favourite To Become TIME Magazine Person Of The Year

With the NFL hitting Wembley at the weekend, it is perhaps fitting to see bookies, William Hill, making Colin Kaepernick/NFL Knee Takers the 2/1 favourites to win the TIME Magazine Person of the Year this year, ahead of Donald Trump who is 3/1 and Kim Jong Un at 4/1.


“Colin Kaepernick has been shunned from a very lucrative career for standing up for what he believes in and a large number of his former colleagues and competitors have followed suit and it would be quite the irony for him or them to win the TIME Magazine accolade the year after Donald Trump,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.


New Orleans Saints are the 20/29 favourites to defeat the Miami Dolphins under the Wembley arch this coming Saturday.


TIME Magazine Person of the Year 2017: 2/1 Colin Kaepernick/NFL knee takers; 3/1 Donald Trump; 4/1 Kim Jong Un; 8/1 Angela Merkel; 9/1 Vladimir Putin; 14/1 Elon Musk; 14/1 Pope Francis; 14/1 Xi Jinping; 16/1 Barack Obama; 16/1 Hwang Kyo-Ahn; 16/1 Jean Claude Junker; 20/1 Marine Le Pen; 33/1 George R.R. Martin; 33/1 Michelle Obama; 33/1 Serena Williams; 33/1 Tom Brady; 40/1 Ban Ki-Moon; 40/1 Francois Fillon; 66/1 Jeremy Corbyn; 66/1 Theresa May


Money line:

20/29 New Orleans Saints; 5/4 Miami Dolphins