Politics By Rupert Adams

Bookies Braced For Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Becoming President

Bookmakers William Hill can report one of the strangest gambles in the history of political betting as wrestler-cum-actor Dwayne Johnson has been backed in from 100/1 to 12/1 to become President of the USA in 2020. A Johnson victory would already cost Hills almost £50,000 and that figure is sure to rise. Other bad results include Michelle Obama (16/1), George Clooney (100/1) and Kanye West (100/1).

“The election victory of Donald Trump has proved that personalities can win elections and there is a real momentum behind Dwayne Johnson, should he declare his hand,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.


2020 Presidential Election (Latest Odds William Hill): 2/1 Donald Trump, 9/1 Mike Pence, 12/1 Dwayne Johnson, 12/1 Elizabeth Warren, 14/1 Bernie Sanders, 14/1 Kamala Harris, 16/1 Michelle Obama, 20/1 Mark Zuckerberg, 22/1 Cory Booker, 22/1 Joe Biden, 25/1 Andrew Cuomo, 25/1 Hillary Clinton, 25/1 James Dimon, 25/1 Julian Castro, 25/1 Michael Bloomberg, 25/1Robert Iger, 25/1 Russ Feingold, 25/1 Tim Kaine, 28/1 Bill de Blasio, 28/1 Paul Ryan, 33/1 Amy Klobuchar…..selected others 66/1 Ivanka Trump, 66/1 Leonardo DiCaprio, 100/1 George Clooney, 100/1 Kanye West, 100/1 Will Smith