Specials Betting By Joe Crilly

Bookies Bet Big Ben Will Still Bong

The discussion about Big Ben and his bongs, or lack thereof, have reached the Prime Minister and plans are ongoing as to whether the bell will fall silent for the next four years or not.


Bookmaker, William Hill, is offering odds of 7/4 that the plans for the bell to stop as of Monday will continue uninterrupted while it is odds on at 1/2 that Big Ben rings at a reduced frequency. It is 12/1 that plans to renovate the clock are cancelled and the bell continues to ring as it does at the moment.


“Big Ben is one of the most famous London tourist attractions and surely a compromise will be sought so that the famous bongs can continue over the next four years,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.


William Hill Big Ben specials:

7/4         current plans as of Monday 21st August will continue

1/2          Big Ben bongs at reduced frequency

12/1        Plans to renovate the clock are cancelled and Big Ben continues to bong at its current frequency for the next four years