General Election By Rupert Adams

Big Bets On Conservatives In £25 Million Election Night

William Hill report that the Election betting is going through the roof - and William Hill alone are predicting turnover in the region of £5 million, with an industry estimate of £25 Million.


“We have seen a real surge in bets in the last 24 hours and every big bet has been for the Conservative Party,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams, “But Labour supporters should not despair just yet - as the betting patterns are not far off what they were for both Brexit and Donald Trump.”


The Ten Most Marginal Seats In The Betting:


Gower (Tories by 27 votes to Labour)

The most marginal of all seats in the 2015 General Election, the Tories are expected to hold on to the seat that they nicked by 27 votes two years ago. William Hill go 1/2 about a Conservative victory with Labour just behind at 6/4.


Derby North (Tories by 41 votes to Labour)

Another marginal Tory seat, Hills go 2/9 that they retain Derby North with Labour 3/1.


City of Chester (Labour by 93 votes to Tories)

Chester saw the most marginal of all the Labour victories in 2015 but it looks as though they are going to miss out this time around. The traditional Tory stronghold is 3/10 to turn blue on Thursday and 12/5 to stay red.


Croydon Central (Tories by 165 votes to Labour)

The Conservatives are slight favourites to win this one again with Hills making them 4/6 favourites in Croydon Central. Labour, however, are just a shade above Even money at 11/10 to wrestle this seat away.


Ynys Mon (Labour by 229 votes to Plaid Cymru)

Plaid Cymru are odds on to pinch this seat from the grasp of Labour. They are 4/6 to overturn the lead of 229 votes held by Labour. They


Vale of Clywd (Tories by 237 votes to Labour)

The Tories won in the Vale of Clwyd by 237 votes and they are slight favourites to sneak it again. Hills make them 4/6 to win this time around although Labour are just 11/10 to bag a win.


Ealing Central & Acton (Labour by 237 votes to Tories)

Labour are 4/6 to retain their seat in Ealing Central & Acton. This time, it is the Tories who are just 11/10 to claim victory.


Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk (SNP by 328 votes to Tories)

Despite winning this seat in 2015, the SNP look almost certain to lose Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk. The Conservatives are just 1/10 to win here with the SNP 11/2 – the longest price of any of the current incumbents of the marginal seats.


Bury North (Tories by 378 votes to Labour)

Bury North has voted for the Conservatives for the last two General Elections and they are just 2/9 to do so again. It is 3/1 that Labour win in Bury North.


Brentford & Isleworth (Labour 465 votes to Conservative Party)

Brentford & Isleworth voted labour by just 465 votes and the Conservatives are 4/6 to win this seat – whilst Labour are 11/10.


10 most marginal seats in the UK:


Gower: 1/2 Conservatives; 6/4 Labour; 100/1 Plaid Cymru; 125/1 Liberal Democrats; 150/1 UKIP

Derby North: 2/9 Conservatives; 3/1 Labour; 33/1 UKIP; 50/1 Liberal Democrats

City of Chester: 3/10 Conservatives; 12/5 Labour; 50/1 Liberal Democrats

Croydon Central: 4/6 Conservatives; 11/10 Labour; 80/1 Liberal Democrats; 100/1 UKIP; 250/1 Greens

Ealing Central & Acton: 4/6 Labour; 11/10 Conservatives; 100/1 Liberal Democrats

Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk: 1/10 Conservatives; 11/2 SNP; 16/1 Liberal Democrats; 150/1 Labour; 200/1 UKIP

Ynys Mon: 4/6 Plaid Cymru; 11/4 Conservatives; 3/1 Labour; 200/1 UKIP; 200/1 Liberal Democrats

Vale of Clywd: 4/6 Conservatives; 11/10 Labour; 66/1 Plaid Cymru; 80/1 Liberal Democrats; 100/1 Greens

Brentford & Isleworth: 4/6 Conservatives; 11/10 Labour; 100/1 Liberal Democrats; 150/1 Greens; 200/1 UKIP

Bury North: 2/9 Conservatives; 3/1 Labour; 100/1 Liberal Democrats