Royal Ascot Horse Racing By Rupert Adams

Are Ribchester & Churchill The Two Bankers Of Royal Ascot?

William Hill have trimmed the price of both Ribchester (8/11 from 4/5) to win the Queen Anne Stakes & Churchill (4/7 from 4/6) to win the St James Palace Stakes.

“We aootka Sound;8/1 Elizabeth Darcy;10/1 True Blue Moon;10/1 Corinthia Knight;10/1 Murillo;10/1 Frozen Angel;12/1 Mister Five Euros;14/1 Cardsharp;16/1 Sound And Silence;16/1 Nuclear Option;20/1 Consequences

re a week away from Royal Ascot and punters are starting to finalise their early bets and it appears Churchill & Ribchester are believed to be the bankers of the meeting,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

Windsor Castle Stakes: 6/1 N

Coventry Stakes: 11/2 Brother Bear;6/1 Arawak;6/1 De Bruyne Horse;7/1 Denaar;8/1 Declarationofpeace;10/1 Rajasinghe;12/1 Havana Grey;14/1 Romanised;16/1 True Blue Moon;20/1 Commander Grigio

King's Stand Stakes: 4/1 Lady Aurelia;4/1 Acapulco;4/1 Marsha;5/1 Caravaggio;7/1 Signs Of Blessing;12/1 Muthmir;14/1 Profitable;14/1 Priceless;14/1 Washington DC;16/1 Brando;16/1 Goldream;16/1 Cotai Glory;20/1 Ardhoomey;20/1 Ornate;20/1 Take Cover;25/1 Queen Kindly;25/1 Kimberella;25/1 Kachy;25/1 Waady;25/1 Just Glamorous;25/1 Alpha Delphini;33/1 Intelligence Cross;33/1 Pedestal;33/1 Finsbury Square;33/1 Gracious John;33/1 Peace Envoy;33/1 Yalta;33/1 Medicean Man;33/1 Son Cesio;50/1 Afandem;50/1 Sir Robert Cheval;50/1 Willytheconqueror;50/1 The Happy Prince;66/1 Kyllang Rock;66/1 Final Venture

Queen Anne Stakes: 8/11 From 4/5 Ribchester;6/1 From 7/1 Lightning Spear;12/1 Mutakayyef;12/1 Heshem;14/1 Usherette;14/1 Somehow;16/1 Qemah;20/1 Dutch Connection;25/1 American Patriot;25/1 Ennaadd;25/1 Aclaim;33/1 Kool Kompany;33/1 Stormy Antarctic;33/1 Latharnach;33/1 Spectre;33/1 Cougar Mountain;33/1 Miss Temple City;33/1 Oh This Is Us;50/1 Reckless Gold;50/1 Jallota;66/1 Toscanini;66/1 Kaspersky

St James Palace Stakes: 4/7 From 4/6 Churchill;9/4 Barney Roy;8/1 Brametot;14/1 Thunder Snow;16/1 Benbatl;16/1 Cliffs Of Moher;20/1 Rivet;20/1 Dream Castle;25/1 Lancaster Bomber;25/1 Whitecliffsofdover;25/1 Orderofthegarter;25/1 Boynton;33/1 War Decree;33/1 Lockheed;33/1 Peace Envoy;33/1 Forest Ranger;40/1 Salouen;40/1 Dragon Lips;40/1 Night Circus;50/1 Taj Mahal;66/1 Top Score;66/1 Kings Gift;66/1 Spirit Of Valor;100/1 Mr Scaramanga;200/1 Ahlan Bil Zain

Queen Mary Stakes: 5/2 From 3/1 Happy Like A Fool;12/1 Neola;20/1 Actress;25/1 Yogi's Girl

Royal Hunt Cup: 10/1 Banksea;10/1 Fastnet Tempest;12/1 From 14/1 Next Stage;12/1 George William;14/1 Morando;14/1 Afjaan;14/1 Victory Bond;14/1 G K Chesterton;16/1 El Vip;16/1 Sacred Act;16/1 Chelsea Lad;16/1 Flaming Spear;20/1 Keystroke;20/1 Yuften;20/1 Sea Wolf;20/1 Remarkable;20/1 Oh This Is Us;20/1 Abe Lincoln;20/1 Mustashry;20/1 Ballet Concerto;20/1 Zhui Feng;25/1 Castle Harbour;25/1 Another Touch;25/1 Foxtrot Charlie;25/1 Texas Rock;25/1 Bossy Guest;25/1 Gossiping;25/1 Czabo;25/1 Early Morning;25/1 Tashweeq;25/1 Mitchum Swagger;25/1 GM Hopkins;25/1 Here Comes When;25/1 Withernsea;25/1 Donncha;25/1 Ballard Down;25/1 Dark Red;25/1 Tabarrak;25/1 Blair House;33/1 Bronze Angel;33/1 Elleval;33/1 Master The World;33/1 Von Blucher;33/1 Brigliadoro;33/1 The Warrior;33/1 Sevenleft;33/1 Mount Tahan;33/1 My Target;33/1 Raising Sand;33/1 Ice Slice;33/1 Candelisa;33/1 Johnny Barnes;33/1 Bravery;33/1 Instant Attraction;33/1 War Glory;33/1 Shady McCoy;33/1 Makzeem;33/1 Tumbaga

Ascot Gold Cup: 5/4 Order Of St George;6/1 Vazirabad;12/1 Sheikhzayedroad;12/1 Simple Verse;14/1 Sweet Selection;16/1 Idaho;16/1 Big Orange;16/1 Beautiful Romance;16/1 Torcedor;16/1 Quest For More;20/1 Twilight Payment;20/1 Dal Harraild;20/1 Max Dynamite;20/1 Endless Time;20/1 Kingfisher;25/1 Qewy;25/1 Winning Story;25/1 Prince Of Arran;25/1 Harbour Law;33/1 Higher Power;33/1 To Be Wild;33/1 Nearly Caught;33/1 She Is No Lady;33/1 Trip To Paris;40/1 Harrison;66/1 Motherland;100/1 Berghain

Albany Stakes: 13/8 Alpha Centauri;7/2 Fairyland;7/1 September;8/1 Natural;16/1 Tajaanus;20/1 Actress

Commonwealth Cup: 1/1 Caravaggio;3/1 Harry Angel;9/2 Blue Point;8/1 Lady Aurelia;10/1 Bound For Nowhere;12/1 Dream Castle;14/1 Fas;20/1 Spiritual Lady;20/1 Second Thought;20/1 Queen Kindly;25/1 Son of Rest;25/1 Visionary;25/1 Tis Marvellous;33/1 Straight Right;33/1 Sir Dancealot;33/1 Dream of Dreams;33/1 Intelligence Cross;33/1 Yalta;33/1 Peace Envoy;40/1 Victory Angel;40/1 Legendary Lunch;40/1 Global Applause;50/1 Pedestal;50/1 Equimou;50/1 Bletchley;50/1 Mister Trader;66/1 Music Box;66/1 Alphabet;66/1 Koropick;100/1 Mr Scarlet;100/1 Sparkalot

Coronation Stakes: 8/11 Winter;7/1 Rhododendron;8/1 Dabyah;10/1 Daban;12/1 Talaayeb;14/1 Sobetsu;14/1 Senga;14/1 Sea Of Grace;16/1 Tomyris;16/1 Unforgetable Filly;16/1 Wuheida;20/1 La Coronel;20/1 Intricately;20/1 Rain Goddess;20/1 Roly Poly;20/1 Cristal Fizz;20/1 Promising;20/1 Hydrangea;25/1 Speed As;25/1 Delectation;33/1 Wajnah;33/1 Bean Feasa;33/1 Urban Fox;33/1 Cashla Bay;40/1 Kilmah;50/1 Alluringly;50/1 Smoulder;50/1 Spiritual Lady

Wokingham Handicap: 9/1 Outback Traveller;10/1 Fastnet Tempest;12/1 Culturati;12/1 From 16/1 Projection;14/1 Naggers;14/1 Amazour;16/1 Flaming Spear;16/1 Eastern Impact;20/1 Muntadab;20/1 Yuften;20/1 Al Qahwa;20/1 Normandy Barriere;20/1 Top Score;20/1 Direct Times;20/1 Spring Loaded;25/1 Raucous;25/1 Blaine;25/1 G Force;25/1 Unabated;25/1 Out Do;25/1 Orvar;25/1 Lancelot du Lac;25/1 Duke Of Firenze;25/1 Haftohaf;25/1 Danzeno;25/1 Certificate;25/1 Gossiping;25/1 Perfect Pasture;25/1 Aeolus;25/1 Wentworth Falls;25/1 Poyle Vinnie;25/1 Windfast;25/1 Upstaging;25/1 Polybius;25/1 Lexington Abbey;25/1 Buckstay;25/1 Cenotaph;25/1 Steady Pace;25/1 Mazzini;25/1 Intelligence Cross;33/1 Intisaab;33/1 Donjuan Triumphant;33/1 Jordan Sport;33/1 Stellarta;33/1 Alphabet;33/1 Captain Colby;33/1 Canny Kool;33/1 Solar Flair;33/1 Ifwecan;33/1 Birchwood;33/1 Son Of Africa;33/1 Squats;33/1 Tupi;33/1 New Bidder;33/1 Kadrizzi;33/1 Harry Hurricane;33/1 Edward Lewis;33/1 Shanghai Glory;33/1 Gunmetal

Hardwicke Stakes: 3/1 Highland Reel;4/1 Frontiersman;4/1 Jack Hobbs;9/2 Dartmouth;7/1 Poets Word;7/1 Wings Of Desire;8/1 Hawkbill;10/1 Idaho;12/1 Across The Stars;12/1 Midterm;12/1 Muntahaa;12/1 Journey;14/1 Ulysses;14/1 Western Hymn;16/1 Us Army Ranger

Diamond Jubilee Stakes: 5/1 Limato;7/1 The Tin Man;7/1 Magical Memory;8/1 Tasleet;10/1 Quiet Reflection;14/1 Librisa Breeze;14/1 Brando;14/1 Signs Of Blessing;14/1 Acapulco;14/1 The Right Man;16/1 Growl;16/1 Jungle Cat;20/1 Dancing Star;20/1 Suedois;25/1 Washington DC;25/1 Dutch Connection;25/1 Kachy;25/1 Aclaim;33/1 Long On Value;33/1 Tupi;33/1 Windfast;33/1 Comicas;33/1 From 50/1 Al Jazi;50/1 Kassia;50/1 Mobsta;50/1 Smash Williams;66/1 Finsbury Square;66/1 Squats

Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby: 9/4 Cracksman;9/4 Wings Of Eagles;7/2 Waldgeist;10/1 Capri;16/1 Douglas Macarthur

Northumberland Plate: 7/1 Flymetothestars;8/1 Who Dares Wins;12/1 Natural Scenery;12/1 Endless Acres;14/1 Ivan Grozny;14/1 Top Tug;14/1 Jaameh;14/1 Montaly;14/1 Higher Power;14/1 Seamour;16/1 Sea Of Heaven;16/1 Winning Story;16/1 Lord George;16/1 Blakeney Point;16/1 Sir Chauvelin;16/1 Gibbs Hill;20/1 Rainbow Dreamer;20/1 St Michel;20/1 Prince Of Arran;20/1 Maleficent Queen;20/1 Qewy;20/1 Yorkidding;20/1 Penglai Pavilion;20/1 London Prize;20/1 Dylan Mouth;20/1 Haines;20/1 Watersmeet;20/1 Shrewd;20/1 Cartwright;20/1 Soldier In Action;20/1 Hot Beat;25/1 Good Run;25/1 Clever Cookie;25/1 My Reward;25/1 Manjaam;25/1 Parliamentarian;25/1 Trip To Paris;25/1 Moorside;25/1 Sam Missile;25/1 Red Galileo;25/1 Steve Rogers;25/1 Tawdeea;25/1 Angel Gabrial;25/1 Sunblazer;25/1 Pallasator;25/1 Oriental Fox;33/1 Minotaur;33/1 Second Wave;33/1 Revolutionist;33/1 Suegioo;33/1 Mirsaale;33/1 First Mohican;33/1 Blue Rambler;33/1 Champagne Champ;33/1 Every Chance;33/1 Winterlude;33/1 Forever Now