Reality TV Music By Rupert Adams

X Factor: 5am Best Of Bad Bunch

William Hill were unimpressed with the X Factor acts on Saturday night and only 5am make it onto the top rung at 12/1. Gifty Louise was well received and is 20/1 with Girl Next Door offered at 50/1.

“5am looked like contenders and were well backed on the night, also keep an eye out for Girl Next Door who might just surprise us and go close,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

X Factor winner: 9/2 Caitlyn Vanbeck; 5/1 Matt Terry; 8/1 Freddy Parker; 10/1 Kayleigh Marie Morgan; 10/1 Emily Middlemas; 10/1 Ryan Lawrie; 12/1 5am, 16/1 James Wilson, 20/1 Gifty Louise; 25/1 He Knows She Knows; 25/1 James Hughes, 25/1 Janet Grogan; 25/1 Niall Sexton; 25/1 Saara Aalto, 25/1 Samantha Lavery, 33/1 Christian Burrows, 33/1 Cosmic Riot, 33/1 Tom Laura, 40/1 Marianna Zappi, 50/1 Girl Next Door